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The Great Canadian Cloth Diaper Giveaway Hop

Welcome to the Great Canadian Cloth Diaper Hop, hosted by Cloth Diaper Contests & Giveaways Each amazing Canadian blogger participating has a great cloth diaper prize for you to win, worth at least $20, so after you enter mine, be sure to hop around to all the others in the linky! Don’t forget to enter […]

bumGenius 4.0 Giveaway!

Welcome to the bum Genius 4.0 Giveaway Event Hosted by Conservamom bumGenius 4.0 has long been a popular choice among moms who are cloth diapering.  They come in a brilliant array of colors appropriate for any little boy or girl and are able to hold up through multiple children.  I have a bumGenius 4.0 in […]

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Cloth Diaper 101

Newborn Cloth Diapers - Get the Right Fit (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

Newborn Cloth Diapers – Get the Right Fit

I never bothered with newborn cloth diapers.  Norton was eight pounds, four ounces.  Eudora was eight and a half pounds.  With that in mind, I just plain didn’t see the point.  However, not everyone has big babies.  In fact, my friend Nikki has tiny little babies.  Her babies are so very tiny that newborn cloth […]

Stripping Cloth Diapers with CLR (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

CLR is NOT for Cloth Diaper Stripping!

Sometimes, moms can figure out some pretty amazing ways to resolve issues with their cloth diapers.  After all, that’s why there are so many different methods for cloth diaper stripping.  Other times?  I see something come up that I just can’t get on board with using.  The first time that I’d heard of CLR for […]


Ethical WAHMs Have Standards

I have been feeling a lot of love for WAHMs as of late.  Of course, my diaper dealer, Kerri of Cozy Bums, is a WAHM.  I’m also enjoying cloth diapers made by several WAHMs as of late: Diapers by Chris, Ella Bella Bum, and Tadpole Jones Diaper Supply (among others).  There’s one important thing about […]

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Cloth for a Cause Television Debut!

For several months now, I’ve been an active volunteer with the Prince George chapter of Cloth for a Cause.  We recently did a small cable spot to bring awareness to the non-profit organization.  Here it is!  (And you can see my littles running about and being adorable.)

Flip Diaper Demo

Bummis Prefolds Demystified

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In the News

New bumGenius Color - Armadillo (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

New bumGenius Color! Armadillo

Oh, Jenn Labit, you’re whipping your bumGenius fans into a frenzy!  Over the last couple of months, it’s been a near continuous stream of new bumGenius selections.  And yesterday, you did it again with a new bumGenius color.  Meet the bumGenius Armadillo. Once again, Cotton Babies has released a diaper in colors from Picadilly Circus […]

bumGenius Audrey Shortage Sparks Frustration (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

bumGenius Audrey Shortage Sparks Frustration

I’m half surprised at how quickly the new bumGenius Audrey has sold out.  On one hand… after how fast the Jules diaper went, I expected a lot of women to buy quickly so that they could get it.  On the other, I saw more than one person comment that she hated the new bumGenius Audrey […]

New bumGenius Genius Series - Audrey (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

New bumGenius Genius Series Diaper!

Jennifer Labit has been doing a great job of keeping the buzz of new diapers going for Cotton Babies.  We’ve had some beautiful things come out over the last few months.  The last bumGenius Genius Series diapers to release were the beautiful, highly sought after, and briefly available Jules and Carroll diapers.  Now?  We’ve got […]

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Six Weeks Pregnant and Bloated (TMI throwback post)

I am 6w3d pregnant. I currently look 6m3w pregnant. (6 months, 3 weeks.) I am quite, er, “well-endowed”. I’m so bloated that my stomach is sticking out beyond my boobs. I keep trying to go to the bathroom, and it takes 20 minutes to pop out a raisinette. My tummy is gurgling from gas. It […]


Abdominal Pain during Pregnancy #Throwback

One of the things I love about blogging is that I have a permanent record about how I felt and the things that I did.  It’s wonderful to see how far I’ve come.  When I was six weeks pregnant with Eudora, I woke up with abdominal pain during pregnancy.  I’d had a miscarriage prior to […]

Coping with Pelvic Pain during Pregnancy (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

Coping with Pelvic Pain during Pregnancy

I was hoping that I wouldn’t have to deal with pelvic pain during pregnancy this time around.  I really was.  That particular pain during pregnancy kicked in towards the third trimester with Norton.  This time?  I didn’t even make it to the eight week mark. But that’s all right.  There’s one good thing about having […]

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Parenting Rights and Vaccination - Where do they end? Or begin? (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

Parenting Rights and Vaccination – Where do they end? Or begin?

I’m extremely pro-vaccination.  I make no secret of that and no apologies for that.  I’m also a believer in parenting as one chooses.  But right now, I’m in a quandary.  My pro-vaccination stance and my belief in parenting rights are at odds. Because so many are exercising their parenting rights to keep their children in […]


Finger Painting Leaves the Bucket List

Last week, I figured out all of the fun stuff that I was hoping to do with my kids this spring.  One of the big ones was that I wanted to work on my own avoidance of things that make messes… and I wanted to let the kids loose on finger painting.

Spring Time Bucket List (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

Spring Time Bucket List

Finally!  Spring is here.  Sort of.  Okay, the calendar says it’s spring.  My driveway is clear of ice.  Most of the snow has melted away from my front yard… but my back yard still has a couple of feet of white stuff covering the ground.  It’s warm enough to not need snow boots, but still […]

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Bummis Super Brite - Cloth Diaper Addicts

Bummis Super Brite and Newborn Prefolds

When my friend Nikki had her tiny, tiny little girl, she found that a lot of newborn diapers were just plain too big.  That meant I got to problem solve: I came over to help her get the right fit.  Nikki had plenty of newborn size Bummis prefolds to work with, and she’d already decided […]

Nuggles Itty Bitty Stay Dry AIO Newborn Cloth Diaper Review (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

Nuggles Bittee Stay Dry All-in-One Newborn Cloth Diaper Review

It’s been a while since I’ve had a newborn baby, and I’ve never had a newborn baby small enough to start with a newborn cloth diaper.  When Nuggles contacted me about doing a review on their newborn cloth diaper, I knew that I’d have to do something a little different.  I had to borrow a […]

The Laundry Tarts Strip It! Review (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

The Laundry Tarts Strip It! Review

Disclosure: The Laundry Tarts Strip It! review was not at all compensated.  I paid for the product myself and decided to write about it. I generally pride myself on the state of my diapers.  They are clean, non-smelling, and rarely stripped.  I’ve been using Rockin’ Green for three and a half years, and only changed […]

Cloth Diapering Life

Daily Cute Fluffy Bum - AppleCheeks (Cloth Diaper Addicts

Daily Cute Fluffy Bum – AppleCheeks

Once again, Eudora is hamming it up for the camera.  This time, she decided that she was a puppy who wanted to play fetch.  (And that’s why there’s a baby wrist rattle in her teeth.)  On the bright side?  She fetches better than Winston the Wonder Chihuahua.  She also does an excellent job of modeling […]

Daily Cute Fluffy Bum - Blueberry Trainers

Daily Cute Fluffy Bum – Blueberry Trainers

Sometimes the Daily Cute Fluffy Bum post can be subtitled “weird things my children do.”  In this particular photo taken a few months back… Norton found the marshmallows for making Rice Krispy Snowmen in the pantry.  He found some stuck together and put them on his chest… and proudly proclaimed, “Wook, Mommy!  I chicken!”  He […]

Daily Cute Fluffy Bum - GroVia (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

Daily Cute Fluffy Bum – GroVia All-in-One

Little Jake is deep in thought as he models his GroVia all-in-one diaper.  The bicycles print is out of production, but there are other gorgeous GroVia prints still available! GroVia All-in-One diapers are available from: Cozy Bums (Canada), Diaper Junction (US/Canada), Nicki’s Diapers (US/Canada)

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Early Reading Progress

Early Reading Progresses!

From the time I was pregnant with Norton, I was hoping to instill a love of books and learning. I just knew that we had to promote early reading as best as possible. But there was a bit of a stumbling block with that. Sure, I went to school to teach… but I wanted to […]

Train Track Tuesday (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

Train Track Tuesday

After some of the insanely huge builds I’ve made for my kids, I’m starting to favor smaller layouts.  At least that will mean that there’s room to walk in the room. Elements used (Amazon affiliate links): 1.) Chuggington Wooden Railway Double-Decker Roundhouse 2.) Thomas And Friends Wooden Railway – Early Engineers Busy Day on Sodor […]

Please Don’t Let Our Son Be Broken

I can’t stop sobbing as I write this.  I’m beyond terrified.  I don’t understand how this thing could be possible in our family.  Autism or Autistic Spectrum Disorder are things that happen to other families.  Not mine.  Not to two parents who are both tested as geniuses.  This isn’t supposed to happen to us. Things […]

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Chuggington vs. Thomas Wooden Railway

A lot of little kids are enjoying the wooden trains.  Who can blame them?  Trains are just awesome.  Still, though, when parents are trying to figure out how to indulge their child’s train love, they often find themselves wondering some big questions.  Chuggington or Thomas? While my friend Jo likes to tell me that I’m […]

If You Give a Kid an iPad (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

If You Give a Kid an iPad…

Everyone loves the classic book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and its sequels like If You Give a Moose a Muffin and If You Give a Pig a Pancake.  It’s all about how when you do something, there are consequences, whether planned or otherwise.  It turns out that if you give a kid […]


Wordless Wednesday – Explorers

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Why Childhood Vaccinations are Important (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

Why Child Vaccinations Are Important

There are a lot of different reasons why people do or don’t choose to participate in child vaccinations.  I’m not here to criticize them or bring up any logical fallacies.  I’m giving my opinions on child vaccinations, and maybe a little bit of factual information sprinkled in. That being said, think about what you learned […]


Hell’s Gate and Babywearing

  In honor of International Babywearing Week, I’ve decided to pull out some of my old babywearing posts.  My favorite places to wear my babies were always out and about, so it was a guaranteed adventure. When we finally got out of Chilliwack and headed back home, I had put the freshly laundered Snugli infant […]

Infant Car Seat Clean Up (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

Infant Car Seat Clean Up

I knew when Norton started gnawing on the pull strap of his infant car seat that it was time to clean the darned thing.  Well, actually, I knew that it was time to clean Norton’s infant car seat when we had to put a receiving blanket under him in Cache Creek (3 hours from home) […]

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