A Happy Toddler Is a Noisy Toddler

I’m pretty lucky in a lot of respects where Norton is concerned.  He’s a pretty happy toddler for the most part.  His behavior is generally not too… rotten.  And while he’s not exactly talking in a language that we can understand, he does make a lot of noises.  I’m also noticing that the noisier Norton can be, the more inclined he is to be a happy toddler.  The funny thing is that noises from my happy toddler are not shrieks or just happy screaming.

A Happy Toddler Is a Noisy Toddler (Cloth Diaper Addicts)No, Norton prefers to make funny toddler noises that he’s heard us make.  Of course, raspberries are a favorite.  He just adores blowing raspberries at Winston the Wonder Chihuahua.  Blowing raspberries in the tub is also great fun.  We’ve been pretty fortunate with my toddler’s behavior when it comes to blowing raspberries, though: he’s never been interested in blowing raspberries at the dinner table.  When he’s in his high chair, he’s all about the food.

At least the funny toddler noises aren’t behavior issues.

He’s also fond of making other sorts of noises.  He clicks his tongue like he’s heard the husband and me do in order to call the puppies.  In fact, he does this all the time.  Sometimes he crawls up to me and makes that clicking noise with a big smile on his face.

Norton’s noises aren’t just limited to raspberries and clicking for puppies.  He’s also learned to click his tongue to sound like… well, it sounds sort of like a turn signal in an old car or something.

Norton has also learned how to make little smooching noises.  It’s amusing as all get out when he makes those noises while pulling me close but not actually giving kisses.  (Norton no longer gives kisses.  Now he just licks.  Yes, like a puppy.)

I’d love it if my happy toddler would make constructive noises and say things that resemble words.  But, hey, at least he’s communicative, even though it’s not in any language that we can understand.  He still makes his wishes known and understood.  That’s better than nothing, I guess.

Did your toddler make silly noises?  What kind of noises did he make?

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