And the First Prenatal Visit was a Bust

And the First Prenatal Visit was a Bust (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

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I was really looking forward to my first prenatal visit.  I was going to see Dr. T, the same doctor I saw while pregnant with Norton.  I just knew that my first prenatal visit was going to be freaking AMAZING.  It always rocked when I was seeing Dr. T before.  Part of what made every appointment with Dr. T so awesome was his liberal use of the ultrasound machine.

Nothing went as planned.

For starters, Dr. T was late.  Of course, Dr. T is always late, so that’s not a surprise.  This time he was late because he was busy catching a baby.  That’s a perfectly valid reason for an OB/Gyn to be late.

When we got in, I noticed that something in his room was missing: the ultrasound machine was gone.  The one thing that I loved most about having Dr. T was that he did an ultrasound at every single appointment.  My first ultrasound for dating was not a magical, wonderful experience so I was hoping for this with Dr. T so that I could have this thoroughness.  He made it sound like the usual anatomy ultrasound done around 18-22 weeks would be it.  I was just crushed.

Then I found out that he’s going to be on holidays when I’m due.  He won’t be available to deliver me.  I’ll have to go to another doctor.

But that was after he told me that if I chose a VBAC delivery, he wouldn’t do it.  I understood that.  Really, he’s a perinatologist.  If you get an amniocentesis in Prince George, he’s the one who does it.  And the guy is ancient.  I thought that there was a good chance that he’d be retired instead of working part time.  The simple fact is, Dr. T does not do simple pregnancies.  He deliberately keeps a light patient load so that he can give his patients the care that he feels that he should.  And they are invariably high risk.

It gets better.

Of course, I have the right to try for a VBAC delivery.  Dr. T is wonderful for explaining everything to me the way he did to the medical students that were frequently in his office with my last pregnancy.  He let me know that I would most likely have gestational diabetes once more.  And along with that, I would most likely have the same polyhydramnios issue that was a major contributing factor to my c-section delivery with Norton.

And there’s more.

I don’t qualify for an NT scan because I’m not old.

We also decided to skip out on the quad screening or any blood tests meant to check for chromosomal anomalies.  You see, I have a statistically higher chance of having a false positive result (which would result in an amniocentesis) than I actually have of getting an accurate Downs Syndrome result.  I have approximately a 1 in 25 chance of getting a false positive.  I have a 1 in 535 chance of actually having a child with Downs Syndrome, and a 1 in 286 chance of having a child with any chromosomal anomalies at all.  There has not been any cases of chromosomal anomalies on my side of the family in the last 100 years.  There are no known cases on the husband’s side, either.

There’s no reason to stress myself or my husband out over what would be a false positive.  This was the same decision we made while pregnant with Norton, and we made it for the same reason.

And then he checked my urine sample.  Oh, goodie.  There’s sugar.  I’m being referred to the diabetic specialist; the gestational diabetes is probably already manifesting itself.  The sugar really shouldn’t be there since I’m still on Metformin.

Oh, and my wonderful migraine medicine?  That’s been changed from a Class C to a Class D drug.  I have to stop taking it.

So not only did I not get to have the ultrasound that I was anticipating… I don’t get the doctor that I wanted.  I’m not getting the tests that I want, and the tests that I don’t want suck.  I’m already showing signs of gestational diabetes.  And I’m going to be miserable with headaches again.

All in all, my first prenatal visit pretty much sucked.

We’re thinking about getting a Doppler and/or going for a 3D ultrasound.  They finally have a place that does them in Prince George.  *sigh*

We have a lot things to figure out.  I can honestly say that this first prenatal visit was the most disappointing one I’ve ever had.

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Suzi is an American ex-pat living in British Columbia. She's a cloth diaper addict, wife, mom of three, and President of the Prince George chapter of Cloth for a Cause.


  1. Oh, no, what a bummer! I’m so sorry. My fingers are crossed that things start to look up over the next few days!

  2. Corisa Bates says:

    I have a doppler…for me, it was necessary reassurance. Anytime I started to panic, I busted out the doppler to hear that reassuring heartbeat. (Which means for awhile, I would do it first thing every morning and last thing every night). We also did the 3D ultrasound with both boys…it was awesome.

  3. Oh hun, that totally bites. All of it just must have crushed your hopes for this appointment. I was so hoping for a picture of your little bean. But hearing the other complications really chaps the whole experience. Boo.

  4. Sometimes circumstances (and the universe) force us to give in to the mystery of childbirth! Just remember, you have all the love and light you need inside you, and that little baby feels all that. I empathize, I was 9 month with hyper-emisis, (throwing up all the time) and there was nothing any doctor could do to help. Take a deep breath, and what will be will be. In the end, it will all be worth it!

  5. I’m so sorry you had such a bad experience! My first prenatal appointment with my very first child, the doctor’s office messed up and scheduled it for the wrong week. So I hauled myself in there all nauseous for nothing. The worst part? We had planned on telling my family – who were in town JUST for the weekend – right after we got confirmation from the doc. I was so upset. They mis-scheduled two more appointments and lost my chart ALTOGETHER before I bailed and got a new doc. But now we have a healthy, happy 4 month old and all the bumps along the way are in the past. Just picture your family a year from now – it’s all worth it in the end!


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