Beginning Natural Childbirth Method Research

I should start with stating that I have never in my entire life had any real interest in using a natural childbirth method.  With my first, I might have been fine with a natural childbirth method; I didn’t feel a single contraction until the hospital decided to administer pitocin.  I knew nothing about it, I was little more than a kid.  Nothing was really explained to me beyond they were giving it to me to “speed up my labor.”  And I was told this, not asked.  What I do know is that I went from watching the contractions be incredibly strong on the monitor without feeling them to nearly passing out from back labor.  Yeah, I had an epidural.  And an episiotome, which was also done without my consent.  With Norton, I had a scheduled c-section due to gestational diabetes, polyhydramnios, and I was projected to have a baby the size of a small elephant.

But now? Things are definitely different…

After yesterday’s dismal prenatal exam, I made a decision.  We do want to attempt a VBAC delivery.  My reasoning for this is probably strange.  You see, I’m equally terrified of having another agonizing and traumatic vaginal birth and trying to recover from a c-section while caring for a toddler.  The thing that finally pushed me towards wanting to attempt a VBAC delivery (or a vaginal birth after cesarean) was my husband.  He really wants to actually see his child being born.  This is our last baby, so this is his last chance.

And since we can’t have the doctor that we wanted, regardless of how we chose to give birth, we’ve decided to chuck the idea of a doctor altogether.

We’re looking into things that we had never truly considered, but it’s the most likely way for me to have my VBAC delivery and maybe even manage success with a natural childbirth method.  One thing that we’re considering is using a midwife.  We actually put in an application to one last night.  And I made the bold choice of checking that we are interested in home birth and water birth options.

Beginning Natural Childbirth Method Research (Cloth Diaper Addicts)I felt a little giddy and slightly terrified at the prospect.  I don’t know; it just seems like logical things to look into.  We’re close to the hospital, but I’m okay with a hospital birth.  I’m not positive that I want to give birth in a tub, but I know that I like the idea of laboring in one.  With those things in mind, my husband is just walking in the door with a book.  I asked him to pick me up a copy of Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth.

Now we’re not just talking about figuring out a natural childbirth method.  We’re actually doing something to maybe help us figure out the process.

Did you have a natural childbirth?  What kind of research did you put into it?

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Suzi is an American ex-pat living in British Columbia. She's a cloth diaper addict, wife, mom of three, and President of the Prince George chapter of Cloth for a Cause.


  1. I did have fairly natural births all 3 times, as in no pain meds, but the first 2 were sped up with pitocin and the third was induced from nothing due to IUGR. I was also very young when I had the first 2, but I knew what I wanted and didn’t want. My water broke both times and then there were contractions that were not doing anything. The second one they actually turned of the pitocin at around 6cm and I labored naturally which was awesome because my body had kicked in and started doing what it was supposed to do. The 1st I pushed for 10 minutes, the second I didn’t push at all, he just came when he was ready. The 3rd (my IUGR baby) was by far the worst labor and delivery. I had cervidil and labored for 23 hours to get to 2cm. Then another hour I was at 5 and about half an hour later got to 10, just to push and have a hard time getting him past my pelvis since his little head was so tiny. I wish I had known that the little babies actually get stuck more often than the average to large babies. I wouldn’t have been so freaked out. I ended up delivering him squatting over a pile of blankets on the floor since it was the only position I could get him through my pelvis, I could feel him hit my tailbone any other way I tried and it was excruciatingly painful.

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