Dreams during Pregnancy are Just That – Dreams. GP#11

If you’ve been pregnant, it’s safe to assume that you’ve experienced crazy dreams during pregnancy.  Dreams during pregnancy can run the gamut – they can be funny, scary, optimistic, disturbing, or just plain weird.  I’m definitely no stranger to the crazy dreams during pregnancy phenomenon.

And that’s why the subject of today’s Gratitude Project post is this: I’m grateful for waking up.

Last night’s pregnancy related dreams were odd.  I have had odd television cross over dreams before (like when I dreamt that Seven of Nine of Star Trek: Voyager had threatened to assimilate Jay of “Jay and Silent Bob” fame for repeat sexual harassment… but don’t ask me how they ended up on Voyager in the first place).  However, my television cross over dreams have never before involved puppets.

Yes, I said puppets.

Last night I dreamt of Muppets, Sesame Street, and CSI’s “Doc Robbins” and Dr. Ray Langston.  And The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

It gets weirder.  You see, The Count was Dr. Frank-N-Furter, and Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy were Brad and Janet.  Zoey was Magenta, and Abby was Columbia.  Riff Raff was played by Oscar the Grouch.

And there was a murder (maybe the murder of Eddie? It was “off dream”), so Dr. Ray and Doc Robbins were there investigating.

Like most of my very odd television dreams, I was not in this one.  How strange is it to not even be in your own dreams?  It was just passive viewing, like watching the television.

And beyond weird.

So very weird that I’m grateful for waking up from it.  That’s why waking up is the subject of today’s Gratitude Project.  When I woke up, I was free from the bizarre imagery of my dream.  I didn’t spend any further time trying to figure out how this bizarre bit of nonsense came to be, nor did I ponder my role (or lack thereof) in it.  It was just gone, and I was left with the thought of , “Huh.  That was weird.”

It’s all right, I suppose, to have the occasional weird dream during pregnancy.  It’s so very common and so very normal (and probably attributed to the rapid influx of extra hormones).  It would not, however, be okay to be stuck living in that bizarre dream.

What are you grateful for today?

The Gratitude Project extends from September 9, 2011 to Canadian Thanksgiving, which is October 10, 2011.  It seemed like an appropriate time to reflect on the amazing blessings, great or small, that are present in my life.

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