Getting Help Learning How to do Digital Scrapbooking

Digital Expressions: Creating Digital Art with Adobe Photoshop Elements

I’ve wanted to learn how to do digital scrapbooking ever since I realized that I’m way too much of a perfectionist to ever do more paper scrapbooking.  Last week, I blogged looking for tips on how to do digital scrapbooking… and I realized that online tutorials will really not work for me because it’s just too hard to read a book on a screen.  Things on the computer that go on for too long easily fall under the category of tl;dr.  (Too long; didn’t read.)

I looked at buying some sort of digital scrapbooking software, but I realized that I have no clue.  Sure, there are some inexpensive digital scrapbooking software options out there that I’ve never heard of.  And there’s a fairly expensive digital scrapbooking software out there that I have heard of (Creative Memories), but it dawned on me that I have Photoshop Elements on my laptop and I have Photoshop Lightroom and whatever the current version of CS is on the husband’s machine.  Why on earth would I look at buying software that does just one thing when I already have the software that can do that and so much more?

I’m going to learn how to do digital scrapbooking, darn it, and I’m going to learn how to do it on stuff I already have.

So I ordered a book from Amazon.  Sometime next week, I should be the proud owner of Digital Expressions: Creating Digital Art with Adobe Photoshop Elements.  And I have a friend who makes wonderful digital scrapbooking elements.  I’ll have to raid her store.  I’ve already decided that the first thing that I want to undertake will be an ABCs of Me book for Norton.  I have thousands upon thousands of pictures of that boy on my hard drive.  Shouldn’t I actually get around to doing stuff with them instead of just talking about it or wanting to do it?

I’m looking forward to learning how to do digital scrapbooking.  I’m thinking the first thing on my agenda is to do an ABCs of Me book for Norton’s first year.  It’s something that has freedom, but because it’s A to Z, it has a definite beginning and ending point.  It seems like a simple enough place to start at the very least.

Are you a scrapper?  What digital scrapbooking software do you use to make it happen?


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  1. I just made my first photo book online from Wal-mart. If it turns out good, I am going to do all my “scrapbooking” digitally!

  2. There is a site called Heritage Makers that I have used to creates’ album for my daughters first year. Its not “dumbed” down so it was a great place for me to learn. And its affordable, I do a 3 mo plan for about $12 per month. They also have a free plan where you have access to limited content but still learn how to do everything. Good Luck!

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