I’m Twelve Weeks Pregnant – What Gives?

I’m amazed. I’m twelve weeks pregnant today. I’m nearing the end of the first trimester.

There are some things that I’m not crazy about. I don’t like not having a set medical provider for my prenatal care. Not when I’m twelve weeks pregnant. It just seems like at this point, everything should be settled.

Today I made a few decisions. Some were for peace of mind, and some were for physical well being. One huge decision I made was I decided to stay away from pregnancy message boards. Sure, being the fount of knowledge is nice and all, but I’m tired of reading threads where someone brings up a missed miscarriage or something going catastrophically wrong and getting me worried. I’m already bothered by the fact that my crappy prenatal visit yesterday didn’t have an ultrasound. I was counting on that ultrasound to relieve whatever pregnancy fears I’d inherited from reading the pregnancy message boards. And seeing yet another post where someone wrote about a missed miscarriage going on until sixteen weeks just did it for me. I enjoy the internet for getting to know people, entertainment, and education. I do not enjoy groups that are just fear mongering.

Twelve Weeks PregnantI’m twelve weeks pregnant. I don’t need to read horror stories that other people have experienced from first time moms who haven’t experienced any of it. It does not do anything to enhance my pregnancy experience. It does a lot to scare the crap out of me, though. Even though I’ve done this a couple of times.

Another decision I made was about diet. I know that I’m likely to end up with gestational diabetes once more. I also know that today is my last day on Metformin as per the instructions of the doctor who prescribed it to me. The Metformin helped keep my numbers looking great when I was pregnant with Norton, but it didn’t do anything to prevent runaway baby growth or polyhydramnios. I need to eat better. The fact that I ate chips with my lunch and they didn’t agree with me helped. For the first time during this pregnancy, I threw up. Which is kind of funny since I’m twelve weeks pregnant as of today and nausea is supposed to start going away at this point.

Hopefully these decisions will be good for my mental and physical well being rather than something that just causes more problems. I do not want my pregnancy to be dragged down by pregnancy fears picked up from other people, nor do I want to feel rotten because I’m eating rotten. I’m starting to read through Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth. Hopefully that will also help. This time I’ve decided that I’m going to have the kind of pregnancy and child birth that I want to have, and taking these steps are a great start.

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