My Ginormous Cloth Diaper Stash – Gratitude Project Day 9

I have an outrageously huge cloth diaper stash.  I’m okay with having an enormous cloth diaper stash.  In fact, I’m quite grateful for the size of said stash today.

You see, I only have one kid in diapers.  However, I’m not sure at this point how many diapers I have.  I think it’s somewhere around fifty.  I got experimental about a year ago, so I started picking up a few diapers here and there based mainly on color and cuteness.  And only two of those diapers were lousy.  (Fortunately, they were really cheap, but I’m passing them on to a friend that I convinced to start using cloth diapers.  She needs a bigger cloth diaper stash than what she’s got since she has two in diapers.)

There are a couple of reasons why the size of my stash is the subject of today’s Gratitude Project post.

Reason 1: I do not have the disposable income this time around that I had when I was pregnant with Norton.  A freelance project that I was working on is done and I haven’t replaced it yet.  Having the number of diapers that I have now means that I can continue using cloth diapers with this next baby (and still have Norton in diapers) without having the need for more.  However, I’ve already told the husband that if it’s a girl, we’ll absolutely have to buy a few more diapers.  Just because they’re really freaking cute.

Reason 2: Sometimes I get lazy about my cloth diaper laundry.  Okay, fine, sometimes I get lazy about laundry in general.  I tried an experiment this week.  I really did want to get better about washing my cloth diaper laundry two or three times a week instead of around every six days.  You know, like I used to do before I had the ginormous cloth diaper stash that I now have.  Back when I had to stay on top of my cloth diaper laundry because I really only had about a day and a half worth of diapers.  (I started using cloth diapers with only 19 Fuzzi Bunz one size pocket diapers to my name.)  I’ve kept up with washing it like I wanted to, but I have not kept up with folding.  As part of my experiment, I wanted to see if I really did have a week’s worth of cloth diapers like I think I do.  I have a basket of unstuffed and clean cloth diapers downstairs.  I have a cloth diaper load in the washing machine.  I still have a couple of diapers left in the drawer.  I’m grateful for having so many diapers because it means that I have no real reason to stress over getting the laundry done.

I started using cloth diapers for a multitude of reasons.  For going green and reducing what ends up in the landfill, to save money, to avoid being bothered.  And it’s worked out pretty well.  (Well, not the saving money part, but that’s only because I’m an addict who bought far more diapers than necessary.)  I’m grateful for getting to experiment and play.  Even with the diapers that didn’t work out for us.

What are you grateful for today?

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Suzi is an American ex-pat living in British Columbia. She's a cloth diaper addict, wife, mom of three, and President of the Prince George chapter of Cloth for a Cause.

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