Organized Mom Getting Back on the FlyLady Bandwagon

Sink Reflections by FlyLady Marla Cilley

I’ve had times in my life when I’ve been a fairly organized mom.  The catch is, I’m at my organized mom best when I’m FLYing (or using the FlyLady system).  I haven’t been FLYing in some time.  I’ve made token efforts here and there, but I didn’t make the changes to reduce my load so that I have time to actually do things.  I’ve said I’m going to start FLYing again, but I’ve never done more than shine my sink.

My taking a hiatus from other projects happened to coincide with spotting a FlyLady “back on the bandwagon” email.  It was what I needed.  And the timing was awesome.

So far, I’ve done the first “bandwagon mission.”  I’ve cleared my email of all the old FlyLady email that I’ve been sitting on in hopes of actually pretending that I’m going to read it and magically “get caught back up.”  I forgot the rule of “You’re not behind, just jump in where you are.”

Next on the agenda is the second “bandwagon mission” – shine your sink.  I’m pretty fortunate that this one is something that I’d done in my “efforts to start FLYing” last week.  My sink isn’t shiny, but it’s been recently shined so I don’t have to do the “soak it in bleach” thing again.  And then the third is the “weekly home blessing hour.”  And I’ve got to tell you, my house will be able to use it.

I can do these things.  I’ve done them before and just lost my way.

I’m not quite doing her bandwagon missions exactly.  I’m trying to do something to just get me feeling like I’m back on task and know what I’m doing.  I spent fifteen minutes cleaning my living room.  I picked up all the toys that Norton helpfully scattered about the living room.  I vacuumed up enough dog hair to make another border collie.  (T’akaya sheds tons; I have to vacuum daily because of it.  Sure, gray carpet might hide dust, but black dog hair stands out beautifully.)  I fished the toys out from behind the couch that Norton had thrown.  It’s getting better.

It took me less than fifteen minutes to get Norton’s room up to snuff and back to beautiful.  I’d finally had enough of his room not being as neat and tidy as it could be; I’d always wanted Norton’s room to be the cleanest in the house so that he would grow up having a tidy space of his own and know where everything within that space belongs.

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