Saving Cute Toddler Clothes – Gratitude Project Day 19

Norton is a bleeder.  Seriously, I have never seen a kid manage to bust his mouth anywhere near  as much as Norton.  It’s like he keeps catching his lip on his teeth or something.  Fortunately, we’ve somehow always managed to have this kind of thing happening when either I’m able to stop it quickly, or he’s just wandering about in a diaper.  His cute toddler clothes have always been safe… just by dumb luck, I guess.  At least, his cute toddler clothes have always been safe until last night.  That was when Norton tripped over the dog, smacked his mouth, and started bleeding like a faucet.

I managed to save cute toddler clothes from looking like thisI was downstairs doing laundry.  The husband was upstairs with him.  I heard Norton melt down in his eleventy billionth tantrum for the day, but since he was being watched by the husband, I figured I was off the hook.  Which was nice; the constant toddler tantrums can be completely and utterly exhausting.  This time, though, not only did I have toddler bleeding to contend with, I had a toddler bleeding on cute toddler clothes, the rug, and anything else within the vicinity.

Crap.  It seemed like it took forever to stem the bleeding from his lip.  The husband, who had never been home for one of those miraculous bleeding lips, was worried.  Ultimately, we did get the toddler bleeding to stop, but I was still left with a pile of cute toddler clothes that were covered with blood.  And the shirt was a brilliant yellow shirt that his grandma had gotten him during her trip to Brazil.  Darn it.

I didn’t get to trying to clean out the shirt until the morning.  (I had thought the husband would give it a shot, but I thought wrong.)  I tried cold water and soap.  I was tempted to try peroxide, but I was worried that it would cause bleach spots on the shirt.

I decided to forget the peroxide and give the OxiClean pucks that I use periodically for stripping diapers a shot.  I threw in two pucks with my usual laundry detergent, and washed the laundry on warm instead of the usual, more energy efficient cold.

And then I was pleasantly surprised to find that it worked.  Norton’s once  bloody shirt was now spotless and perfect again.  So not only did we once again manage to stop toddler bleeding, we also managed to save Norton’s wardrobe.  I’m definitely grateful for that.  Both could have been much worse.

What are you grateful for today?

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