Toddler Diaper Rash Help and a Happy Heiny – GP#17-18

I know that I have things to be grateful for.  And darn it if I’m not so busy enjoying those things that I’m spending more time being happy than writing about it.

Day 17  – Once again, I’m grateful for our medical system.  Norton has been dealing with a nasty diaper rash, and it’s not a typical toddler diaper rash.  It started out irritated from the acidity of his poo, which was just icky for a couple of days.  And then I never could get that toddler diaper rash to ease up.  Since we’ve been mainly using cloth diapers pretty much since Norton’s birth, any time he’s had some sort of redness on his bum it’s cleared up within a day or two, and it’s never been the kind of rashes that my friends have spoken of.  But this was a whole different beast of a toddler diaper rash.  I used Boudreaux’s Butt Paste on it, and it helped, but didn’t completely nuke the rash.  (I used a flushable liner in the diapers so the cream wouldn’t get on the cloth diaper; Butt Paste may be great for diaper rashes, but it’s not really meant to go with using cloth diapers.)  Then I started trying good old fashioned baby powder.  That helped, but it didn’t make it all go away.

And then blisters started showing up.  It’s worth noting that the site of the blistery toddler diaper rash was not where the toddler diaper rash first started.  And the diaper change started getting rough again; clearly Norton was suffering and hated having his poor rashy bum changed.  I had scratch marks on my chest and arms to show for it… and he had watery blisters on his bum.  I thought maybe it was something yeast related, so I used the external tube from a box of Monistat that had been languishing in the bathroom for a while.  I used it and resolved to take him to the doctor that day to get it checked out.  This one was way beyond my element.  So we went to the walk-in clinic, and the doctor checked out Norton’s bum.  He confirmed my speculative diagnosis of a yeasty diaper rash and told me to continue to use the cream.  I didn’t have to jump any crazy hoops or what have you.  I just went to the walk-in clinic (since I couldn’t see my doctor that day), went in, and got it confirmed.  And thanks to the after hours walk-in clinic, I didn’t have to spend hours waiting at the hospital over something as non-urgent as a diaper rash (but far too urgent for me to want to wait a couple of days until I could see our doctor).

Day 18 – Today, I’m most definitely grateful for using cloth diapers and the variety in my cloth diaper stash.  You see, because of the variety that I have, I was able to use diapers that don’t have any sort of shell so that Norton’s little butt could breathe better.  I have a couple of Bumboo fitted diapers that have been useful, along with the Little Beetle One diaper.  Using those types of diapers mean that I know when Norton is wet right away, so he spends even less time with any sort of wetness on his bum, which is even kinder to his rash.

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Suzi is an American ex-pat living in British Columbia. She's a cloth diaper addict, wife, mom of three, and President of the Prince George chapter of Cloth for a Cause.

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