Toddler Injury Becomes the Focus of Mom’s Appointment

After we got home from our disaster trip to the library, I put Norton to bed to try to decompress.  I had a doctor’s appointment in the afternoon with my family doctor to be referred to a new OB/Gyn (you know, since my first attempt at prenatal care was such a massive fail).  I figured it would be a brief “go in, get referred, and leave.”  A toddler injury wasn’t even on the radar when I booked that appointment a week ago.  Our “quick visit” actually ran long due to my doctor’s attention to the as of yet undetermined toddler injury.

It’s funny how those things work out.  This isn’t the first time that someone in our family has booked an appointment, only to find that someone else in the household needed that appointment more by the time it arrived.

You see, I didn’t think that there would be anything to come of Norton’s toddler injury at the library.  I figured he’d take a nap and wake up happy, as usual.  He didn’t.  He woke up when it was time for us to get ready to go to the doctor, and he woke up screaming.  He felt like a little hot water bottle, so I gave him a bit of Tylenol.  He screamed as we got ready to go.  He screamed as I put him in his car seat to get his dad.  I didn’t know what to think beyond “he’s still in the same crappy mood that he’d been in all day.”  He woke up crabby first thing this morning, so I didn’t think anything of it more than that.  When we got to the husband’s office to pick him up, there was still a fair amount of toddler whining and crying.

It wasn’t until we were waiting that the husband and I noticed that if Norton’s left arm was jostled, the toddler screaming would start again.

Crap.  What did I do to my kid?

While my doctor was in with us, we asked her to take a look at Norton.  We also noticed that his ear was red, so we thought that maybe it was an ear infection or something.  Norton had never had an ear infection; was it possible that something making his ear hurt could be effecting his arm?

Our doctor took a look.  His ears seemed clear when she looked (aside from the earwax that’s in his ear canal and will have to work its way out on its own).  But his arm… when she touched it, he screamed.  Ultimately, she handed us a requisition for an x-ray and instructed us to take him to the hospital.


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