YAY for Toddler Talking! (GP#20)

We’ve struggled with toddler talking.  I’ve spent a lot of time wondering if there was something that I was doing (or wasn’t doing) that was causing toddler talking to just not really happen.  I’ve tried getting Norton into Baby Signs DVDs so that maybe he’ll use his little hands to communicate since words aren’t really happening.  Of course, that leads to feelings of inadequacy and wondering if it’s my own short comings that are inhibiting toddler communication.

When Norton was thirteen months old, we already were concerned about our toddler not talking.  We took him to the language center for evaluation, and the interventionist felt that there wasn’t an issue at that point since Norton understood, even though he wasn’t verbalizing things himself.  No issues, really.  Quite often, a toddler not talking is related to fine motor skills – the toddler can’t get his tongue to work in order to make the sounds to get the words to happen.  However, Norton doesn’t have fine motor skills issues in any other way, and actually has better than average fine motor skills and problem solving skills.

Still, though, that doesn’t exactly resolve our toddler communication issues.  But now that he’s eighteen months and still not really talking, every time a new word enters his vocabulary, I’m pleased beyond belief.  Prior to this week, Norton only used a couple of words consistently (other than Mama and Dada): milk (which is pronounced na), cheese and please (both of which are pronounced eee).  When he added “dog” to his brief repertoire, I was thrilled… and that came about because he was trying to repeat his dad.  Now he chases T’akaya the Brilliant Border Collie around the house and yells “dah!” after her.

Today, I’m grateful for the improvements that Norton has made in toddler talking.  I’m going to keep working on those toddler communication improvements by working with him on talking, using the Baby Signs DVDs as much as possible, and contacting the language development center again for further evaluation.  I also ordered It Takes Two to Talk: A Practical Guide for Parents of Children with Language Delays in hopes of finding something that will help us get Norton talking at home.

While I’m looking forward to the day when Norton can use a sentence to tell me something instead of yelling at me and expecting me to figure it out, today I’m just grateful for the progress that’s already happening, no matter how small.

What are you grateful for today?

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