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Fun in the Kitchen Makes Me Feel Like a Better Mom

Pumpkin Rice Krispy treats

On Friday, I’d have done just about anything to feel like a better mom.  The day was just rough, from the beginning of the day with Strong Start until the very end.  I tried to pep talk myself so that I’d get up, make dinner and let Norton help me, and then I’d feel like a better mom.  It really, truly did not work.

I spent Saturday trying to make up for what a flop Friday had been.  It was better.  I won’t say that I mastered scream-free parenting, but it went well overall.  We spent the majority of the day out grocery shopping (and that can take a while when you start out at the mall to get some new jeans for the kiddo and there are six stores on the agenda).  But Sunday was when the day was really awesome.  And it was a day that was even closer to scream-free parenting right up until we went to Grandma’s house for Sunday dinner. [Read more…]

Menu Planning Monday – Week of Oct 31

I have a pretty ambitious family meal plan for this week.  It’s getting cold, so there will be lots of using the crock pot… and I want my family meal plan to feed the freezer, too.  The more pregnant I get, the more I want to have things in the freezer for those times that I absolutely will not feel like cooking.  Maybe it’s the beginning phases of nesting or something. [Read more…]

Being a Mom in a Better State of Mind

I feel a bit better now.  I guess I just needed to get all of that worry and frustration out.  I know that it’s not possible to be a perfect parent.  Instead of focusing on all the things that I can’t do, I just need to suck it up and focus on what I can.  It’s not like I can just quit being a mom because I feel like a flop.  And it’s not like I want to quit being a mom, anyway.

I just want to be a better mom.

So that means getting over it.  I have to accept that being a mom doesn’t mean being perfect.

We’re going to cook dinner tonight, Norton and me.  Sure, it’ll be a great big mess.  It might be a really crappy meal since we’re trying an experimental shepherd’s pie recipe.  And since I don’t think I have enough potatoes, we’re going to try making instant mashed potatoes for the topping.

It doesn’t matter if it’s perfect, or even if it’s edible.  We tried.  And maybe the failures along the way are also important to being a better mom.  Maybe it’s important, at least, to being a mom in a better state of mind.


Parenting Stress and the Pressure to be a Perfect Parent

I know that there is no such thing as a perfect parent.  I know that every parent has bad days when things go wrong.  But still, that doesn’t help me feel any better.  I feel like I need to be the perfect parent in order to be good enough.

This pressure results in more parenting stress than I need.  And no one in my life is putting this pressure on me.  I do it to myself.

I came home from Strong Start earlier today feeling like a completely inadequate and overwhelmed mom.  In fact, I paused while writing my blog post yesterday to just cry for a while… and spent the rest of the day feeling like a terrible mother.  If I were a better mom, I’d be able to handle Strong Start like a super star.  I wouldn’t have felt like an overwhelmed mom who just wanted to go curl up in a ball and hide in a corner.  If I were a better mom, I’d have been able to do something as simple as toddler time at the library without taking my kid to the hospital. [Read more…]

Overwhelmed Mom Survives Strong Start

I’m an introvert by nature.  I’m not dealing with some sort of social anxiety thing or whatever.  I can handle people just fine, and have had to work with them in some capacity or another since I was sixteen.  I’m finding, though, that there’s a difference between doing a job and holding staff meetings and being social and talking to other parents.  I found toddler time at the library to be enough to make me an overwhelmed mom.  Of course, I may not have found it to be so traumatic if it didn’t end with a visit to the hospital.  Strong Start didn’t lead to a trip to the hospital, but I was still an overwhelmed mom by the time I gave up and brought Norton home.

Strong Start is a program in British Columbia that takes place at public schools.  It’s designed for helping with kindergarten readiness, but is open for all kids too young for kindergarten.  I went because our speech pathologist suggested it at our last appointment in order to get Norton around other kids more and help encourage toddler talking.  I was nervous about going, particularly since I hate to take Norton anywhere without the husband after the library disaster.  I always worry about doing something wrong that somehow results in another trip to the hospital. [Read more…]

A Fun Mommy Three for Thursday

It’s easy for me to lose sight of doing fun mommy things when I feel pretty rundown.  Thankfully, my friend Evelyn is good at reminding me to let the fun mommy out with a simple little Three for Thursday meme.

Three objects to my left:
1.) Winston the Wonder Chihuahua
2.) A dog bone
3.) A wireless keyboard

Three songs I can’t get out of my head:
1.) The Letter T song from Sesame Street (grr…)
2.) Radar Love by Golden Earring
3.) Sweet Transvestite from the Rocky Horror Picture Show (Tim Curry version, please!)

Three favorite Halloween movies (or songs):
1.) John Carpenter’s Halloween
2.) The Rocky Horror Picture Show
3.) The Exorcist

Three things I’ve learned to just let go of:
1.) People who don’t value me.  If I’m not important to them, why on earth would I continue to let them be important to me?
2.) Clothes that don’t fit.
3.) Clutter that I don’t need.

Three reasons I could wear the Super Woman costume on Halloween:
1.) I’m growing a baby.  That’s a feat in and of itself.
2.) I manage to keep a somewhat clean house, even on days that I can’t really walk.  (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction sucks.)
3.) The costume bodice actually looks like it would be supportive enough to wear without a bra.

Three pictures:











Norton in his first pair of Halloween pajamas, fall 2010









Peekaboo breakfast

How I Quit Smoking

Image by mzacha @

While moving old posts from an old blog from 2009, I came across a gem about how I quit smoking that I’d written in August 2009.  Considering quitting smoking is something that multitudes of people are still trying to do, I figured that it was still relevant and worth sharing.  So here you go!

I’ve seen several threads on message boards about trying to quit smoking.  As someone who smoked on and off for 15 years (and it was definitely more on than off), I know that it’s not easy to just quit cold turkey.  Not being able to use those stop smoking aids because of pregnancy won’t make it feel any easier.  (But, to be perfectly honest, those things aren’t really all they’re cracked up to be, anyway.  The gum is nasty, and the patch made me itch.) [Read more…]

Toddler Wardrobe Malfunctions – Wordless Wednesday

Part of being a parent is wardrobe mishaps.  Here’s some of Norton’s finest:

We went to bed with jammies… and woke up with a diaper and a smile.

[Read more…]

Looking back: Considering Using Cloth Diapers

My cloth diaper stash… I’ve bought more diapers since then

I’ve been spending time lately moving my blogs from a community website I used to blog for.  I don’t do anything there anymore, and I don’t want my stuff to magically disappear.  I mean, these are my memories and my experiences, and I’m not going to lose them.  Today I came across a post that I wrote in July of 2009.  It was when I came across the idea of elimination communication and was amazed… and that was when the idea of using cloth diapers came up.  Before July 2009, using cloth diapers had never occurred to me.  Of course, my mother was using cloth diapers on me when I was a baby because I was allergic to disposables, but the pins and the leaking just seemed… Well, here’s some of the original post: [Read more…]

Adventures in Toddler Parenting

Toddler parenting is always an amazing thing.  Even though we don’t go out as much as we should, every day is different because every day Norton gets up to different shenanigans.  Some of them are funny, and sometimes he pops out with gross things that makes toddler parenting a little less fun than it could be.

I’d heard this particular bane of toddler parenting from some of my mommy friends online… and I’ve always been silently grateful that Norton had never done such a thing.  Until tonight.

Norton pooped in the tub.


To make it even better, he realized that he didn’t want it in the tub with him… so he threw it out of the tub.


You’d better believe that this particularly gross instance of toddler behavior will never, ever be forgotten about.  And now I’m wondering how long until we can get him potty trained.