A Happy Mom Does Three for Thursday

My friend Evelyn started Three for Thursday months ago, but it’s something that I don’t do a whole lot of the time.  But this time?  I’m a happy mom with the time to do it.  Of course, I’m a happy mom with time to spare because Norton is watching Sesame Street.  But it’s not using the television as a baby-sitter if I’m in the room, right?

1. Three things that have kept me from blogging lately.

a.) Life is good and I’m spending more time enjoying my family and less time in front of the computer.  I’m way too busy being a happy mom to be tied to the computer.

b.) I’m blogging for fun and enjoyment, not targets and invoices.  That means I have no real pressure to blog.

c.) I’m out to keep the signal to noise ratio down.

2. Three things that leave me wide awake and staring at my ceiling at 3 am.

a.) I have to go to the bathroom and don’t want to get out of bed because it’s warm.

b.) Winston the Wonder Chihuahua is licking my toes again.

c.) I have to roll over to my other side and I don’t want to because it will hurt.  (Thank you, symphysis pubis dysfunction.)

3. Three Halloweenish things, thoughts, plans, ideas, memories, etc.

a.) My photo shoot to get fall colors with Norton and his pumpkin yesterday didn’t go so well.  Sure, I got some cute pics, but there was one particular picture type that I really, really wanted… and every time Norton would be there, he’d take off in mid picture, so the pic would be blurry and yuck.  We’ll try it again this weekend.

b.) I wonder if Norton’s toddler talking skills will be at the point where he can mumble something that sounds sort of like “trick or treat” in time for Halloween.

c.) Should I take Norton trick or treating if he can’t say “trick or treat”?

4. Three reasons I love being a mom in October.

a.) I can eat Norton’s candy because he’s too little to eat so much candy at all.

b.) Yay, pumpkin patch!

c.) It’s not quite too cold to play outside all the time yet.

5. Three things I just need to get off my chest.

a.) Shopping here gets really old, especially when I’m out of Keebler Grasshopper cookies.  They aren’t sold in Canada and I don’t want to abuse my friends in the States too much by asking for another shipment of cookies.

b.) I know that I really don’t need Grasshopper cookies, but they are so darned good.  They’re basically Girl Scout Thin Mints.

c.) Girl Guide cookies (Canadian) are not as good as Girl Scout cookies (American).  Last year I bought Girl Scout cookies from my friend Amanda out of desperation.

Three pictures:

Norton building with Legos for the first time

If only he’d cooperate, I’d have gotten some even cuter pics for Wordless Wednesday.


Personal space? What is this personal space you speak of?

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  1. If you are looking forward to the candy, by all means take the baby trick or treating, after all people like opening their door to a cute baby.

  2. Love that last pic and the caption. Yes! The candy the kids are too young to eat!! I forgot about that! And sometimes I don’t mind so much having allergy kids…mwahahaha! Thanks for coming through even when I didn’t. 😉

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