Toddler Communication – A Battle of Wills?

I’ve been trying a lot of things that the speech pathologist suggested when we went to intervention last week.  I know that Norton’s toddler talking is not quite up to speed and that he’s not using as many words as he should.  We’re all fairly certain that there’s no developmental reason for our toddler communication difficulties, so we’ve got a plan of attack to try to get things going.  Let me tell you, I’m starting to think that our toddler communication issues have nothing whatsoever to do with Norton’s abilities to actually improve his toddler talking.

I’m starting to think that this is a battle of wills.  I think this goes beyond toddler independence.  I think this is a stubborn toddler in action.

I’ve been religiously working on getting our five homework words integrated into Norton’s vocabulary.  When we’re eating arrowroot cookies on the couch (because lately I’ve wanted cranapple juice, and that’s best with arrowroot cookies for some reason), I give him one cookie, wait until he eats it (or uses it for bribery to get the dog to play with him… whatever), and then try to get him to tell me “more.”  I make the sign and say the word what feels like a billion times during one of these sessions.  He has yet to make an effort to say it.  Or to use the sign.

I’ve also been working with Norton on getting him to point by giving him either/or options, like “cheese” or “bar.”  (Cheese being a piece of string cheese, and bar being one of those Heinz cereal bars in the baby section.)  He’ll reach for one, and he’ll say cheese when it’s what he wants.  Sometimes.  This morning, he was mouthing “bar” but would not make any effort at saying it.

So if he’s not cooperating, how is he getting what he wants?  Well, on the couch, he completely and utterly invades personal space to the point of having his knee jammed into my kidney.  In his high chair, he screams if I don’t give it to him in under thirty seconds.

I don’t want toddler talking to become a battle royal thing.  I just want it to happen.  I’m technically doing the “right” things that are described in It Takes Two to Talk, but I’m just impatient to see it start working.  And I’m also tired of having a knee jammed into my kidneys; I’m not sure if the pain that I’ve been feeling is due to my toddler’s assault or if it’s a minor kidney infection.

I know that getting our toddler communication up to par is a work in progress and that it will take time.  But I just want it now.  Did you deal a with toddler language delay?  How long did it take to start making progress?

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