Toddler Fun and Adventure at the Pumpkin Patch!

Norton exploring the ditch

I’ve been wanting to take Norton to something cool and designed for outdoor toddler fun.  Admittedly, I am not an outdoors person, so most of our toddler fun is of the indoor variety.  Still, though, I do want to give Norton a well rounded, fun, and adventurous childhood full of learning opportunities.  And it’s good for me to step outside of my own comfort zone.  So yesterday we took Norton to the pumpkin patch.

Norton touring the pumpkin patch

It took some doing to find a pumpkin patch that was local to us.  You see, we’re too far north for pumpkins to actually grow, so we ended up finding a man made pumpkin patch at a farm not too far from here.  We went to Blackspruce Farms out in Pineview to take Norton outside.

As soon as we got there, Norton was just enthralled.  It’s getting colder and I’ve been using that as an excuse for not going out so much, but he was so darned delighted with just being outside and walking in grass that I’ve realized that I really do have to get over it.  Once we paid our fee, we got our bucket of animal feed and a strip of masking tape with Norton’s name on it.  When we found our pumpkin (every kid under twelve gets a free pumpkin), we were to slap that masking tape on it and someone would come around and pick up the pumpkin so that it would be waiting for us when we finished.

Norton petting a sheep

But before we could go in, Norton had to finish the chicken nugget he was clutching in his hand.  We spent about twenty minutes waiting for Norton to finally finish eating that nugget as he wandered around the playground area.  Instead of going on the slide or the climbing structure, Norton was more interested in a simple little thing: the ditch.  There was a shallow and narrow little drainage ditch (maybe six or eight inches wide and three or four inches deep) that Norton was just fascinated with.  It was the right size and height for him to step in and out of (and it was dry, so no worries there), so he was delighted to just do that.  And the entire time, he was clinging to his nugget, never getting it dirty when he fell.

Hey. How YOU doin?

While we waited for Norton to finish his nugget, the husband entertained himself by drinking his coffee and make snarky Facebook updates from his phone.  The first was “$15 to watch Norton play in a ditch.  So far.”  The second one was, “Also, we can’t go to the petting zoo because a chicken nugget from lunch is somebody’s new best friend.”

Even more amazing… there was this massive German Shepard cross running around and playing, complete with his slobbery, disgusting tennis ball that he loved to fetch if people would kick it.  Diablo (which is funny, because that dog was far from devilish) stood right next to Norton with that nugget in his hand on more than one occasion… and didn’t even sniff it.  We finally realized that Norton was not eating his nugget and was just carrying it, so the husband got Norton to cooperate with a baby wipe clean up… and tossed that nugget.

When we got in the gates, it was just awesome.  Scattered across the field were pumpkins of various shapes and sizes.  And around the perimeter were different animal pens filled with a variety of critters, all of which were tame and waiting for pets (and food).  The first pen was the sheep pen (which Norton was amazed by), then the goat pen (where I learned that the goats will eat from your hand and goat slobber is sticky and weird).  Further on, there was a pen of rams, and a couple of ducks were wandering around the pumpkin patch.  Norton was just enthralled.

The husband was a little less delighted when we went in the pen that had the donkey.  Norton didn’t have any interest in the donkey himself… instead, he just ran across the pen, right through a pile of poo.  *gags*  That was when the husband declared that he was also over the donkey.

Fortunately, that was also about when Norton started yawning.  We fed the rest of our grain bucket to the sheep and the goats, cleaned up, and called it a day.  Norton’s shoes came off for the ride home, and are presently sitting in the bathroom waiting to be scrubbed with bleach and an old tooth brush.

All in all, it was fifteen bucks for some outdoor toddler fun.  I think it was totally and completely worth it.  Norton definitely had a good time.

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