Catching Up on Seventeen Weeks Pregnant – Doppler Time!

I’ve been fairly horrid about blogging my pregnancy experience this time around.  Really, I need to get better about the weekly updates since keeping this blog is the closest I come to either pregnancy or baby books.  So, with that in mind, here’s what life was like for us at seventeen weeks pregnant.  (I realize that I’m a little late at writing about being seventeen weeks pregnant, particularly considering I’m twenty-one weeks pregnant today.  But better late than never, right?)

At sixteen weeks pregnant, I was getting nervous because of the lack of fetal movement.  Sure, I knew intellectually that it was probably just an anterior placenta cushioning the movement, but that didn’t make me any less of a basket case.  So when I hit seventeen weeks pregnant, I didn’t have this wonderful reassurance that all was good.  You know, that confident feeling that your pregnancy is going to stick around until you’ve got a kid once you start experiencing that fetal movement?  At least, not until I made it to Dr. K’s office for a quick prenatal visit.

I’m a well-read and educated woman.  I knew what was going on with my body.  Assuming that everything was working out according to plan, McAfee/Eudora was starting to develop fat stores under his skin, and that would be an important part of him (or her) fleshing out.  He’s starting to hear, which means the dulcet sounds of the dogs barking or my screaming at Norton to stop climbing the baby gate will be unlikely to faze him (or her) once he’s out of the womb.

As for me, I was feeling pretty all right.  No more fatigue.  I’d become accustomed to waking up numerous times in the night for trips to the bathroom.  The headaches, of course, had still been rough, but a trip to the chiropractor combined with my amitriptyline kept them manageable.  The only thing really missing was fetal movement.

When I got into Dr. K’s office, the first thing that I told him was that I didn’t care about a full exam.  I just wanted some reassurance that everything was okay, and if he would please, please pull out the Doppler, I’d appreciate it.  He got out the Doppler and found the heartbeat rather quickly.  It was such a sweet sound that I actually teared up a bit.

At seventeen weeks pregnant, I heard our baby’s heartbeat for the first time.

It was such a relief.

Dr. K did agree that an anterior placenta was a perfectly likely explanation for the lack of fetal movement, but pointed out that we’d find out for sure at my ultrasound in another two weeks.  And then he answered some questions that the husband had about renting a Doppler for our peace of mind.

Still, at seventeen weeks pregnant, all was good.  We heard our baby’s heartbeat.  We knew our baby was okay.

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