Eighteen Weeks Pregnant – Movement and a Doppler

Seventeen weeks pregnant brought a feeling of relief when I got to hear our baby’s heart beat for the very first time.  I was convinced that I had an anterior placenta, though, and that’s why I hadn’t felt any fetal movement at this point.  I didn’t want to spend my time being nervous, so when the husband and I got home from the Doppler check, we decided to order one for rental.  On the day we turned eighteen weeks pregnant, that Doppler came in the mail.  And that was when I knew that I wouldn’t have any of the same pregnancy fears at eighteen weeks pregnant.  I had a little built in reassurance.

In terms of fetal development, most people are able to feel fetal movement by this point in pregnancy.  Even with an anterior placenta.  Bones are continuing to harden as your baby grows.  Most of the excitement, really, is with mom.  This is when a lot of women start finding it more difficult to get comfortable, et cetera.

Our Doppler and accessories

On the day that I turned eighteen weeks pregnant, though, I still hadn’t felt movement.  I was eagerly awaiting the mail for a little peace of mind – the husband and I had rented a Doppler and we were expecting it to show up on that day.  When it did, the husband and I curled up on the couch and applied the ultrasound gel to the end of the wand.  We weren’t really able to find it there, so we went downstairs to bed so that I could lie down once Norton was in bed.  It took what felt like a few minutes (but was probably only one), and then we found it.  We heard our baby’s heart beating away.  It was wonderful.

The husband expressed a wish that the Doppler would be something that we would only use together so that he would be included in the process.  It was something that was special and something that was ours.  I agreed.

Of course, if I’d been just a little more patient, we wouldn’t have ordered the Doppler.  Five days later, I finally felt fetal movement for the first time.  It was amazing.  And such a relief.  I was starting to think that because of the suspected anterior placenta, I was never, ever going to feel fetal movement.  For once, I was glad to be wrong.  But the Doppler was still used on those days when I wasn’t feeling movement or was feeling very little.  I kind of wished that I’d gotten it earlier in my pregnancy.


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