Fifteen Weeks Pregnant (and Sixteen, too) – A Nervous Update

I’m eighteen weeks pregnant.  Wow.  When I think about how quickly it seems like I got to the point of being eighteen weeks pregnant, I can’t help but be amazed.  I’ve been slow about blogging about my pregnancy lately just because it seems like life is busy and I missed one week, then I wanted to catch up before I wrote about the following week and so on.  The end result has been that there hasn’t been much documentation between fourteen weeks pregnant and eighteen weeks pregnant.  Particularly considering I hit nineteen weeks tomorrow.  Wow.

So, quick recap on being fifteen weeks pregnant and sixteen weeks pregnant:

Fifteen weeks pregnant – Fifteen weeks pregnant was a big ball of agony for me.  I’ve always had headaches, but the headaches during pregnancy had become downright unbearable.  It was a serious quality of life issue that got to the point that I told the husband that I understood why terminally ill and chronic pain patients would end their lives.  I was in so much pain that it was impacting my mental health.  On day three of my headache (which was during a long weekend), it had hit true, hard core migraine status.  I ended up at the hospital getting an IV to at least reduce the headache.  Two days later, I went to my chiropractor for an adjustment.  It fixed a lot of problems with my headaches during pregnancy.  Going back on the amitriptyline as a preventative (or at least, a reducer before they got to the excruciating point) was also helpful.

While being fifteen weeks pregnant was a steaming pile of suck for me, the mini human didn’t seem to mind.  He (or she… still waiting to find out!) got up to a whopping two and a half ounces and grew to be roughly the size of an apple.  This week, kiddo got to the point of having legs that are longer than his arms and having finger nails.

Sixteen weeks pregnant – Sixteen weeks pregnant was far less physically agonizing.  Yes, I’m still dealing with symphysis pubis dysfunction.  I’ll be dealing with that until I give birth.  But once the headaches were back under control, I didn’t even feel pregnant.  Well, beyond the SPD.  The whole “not feeling pregnant” thing was worrisome for me.  I’d already stopped going to the message boards filled with first time moms and their pregnancy fears because they were making my own worries worse.  But I’d already felt fetal movement at this point when I was pregnant with Norton (and actually felt him move for the first time at fourteen weeks pregnant, which was verified during ultrasound… the movement, I mean.  I’d feel the movements while watching them on the screen).  Feeling absolutely no fetal movement at this point in a later pregnancy was concerning because I’d always heard and read that  you feel it sooner in subsequent pregnancies.  I had a few weeks until my next appointment, though.  I started looking into Doppler rentals.  None were available locally, which sucked.  When my doctor’s office called to reschedule my upcoming appointment, I shared my concerns… and even though the space wasn’t really available, my doctor was leaving the country for a couple of weeks.  So they squeezed me in for a prenatal appointment for the following week for a quick Doppler check.

I appreciated it.  I really did need that piece of mind.  I know that losses at that point are statistically uncommon… but I also have a friend who did experience a loss at that point.  I was reasonably sure that it was an anterior placenta causing the issue, but just because I was logically certain of something didn’t make it emotionally reassuring.  I’d be seventeen weeks pregnant when I got to see my doctor.

I might have been feeling physically better… which is good, even though I was feeling emotionally stressed.  But in spite of my issues, kiddo had his own personal agenda going on.  At sixteen weeks pregnant, he’s up to roughly the size of an avocado and weighs around five ounces.  He’s packing on those ounces at a rate quite a bit slower than I started packing on the pounds.  (By this point in my pregnancy, I was up five pounds.)  Along with growing, he’s starting to practice breathing in the amniotic fluid that he’s content to swim in.  This practice breathing is important for getting him ready for the real deal in roughly twenty-four weeks.

Updates on weeks seventeen and eighteen are on the way!

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  1. even with my second pregnancy i didn’t feel much movement until 19-20 weeks. I remember being worried too! I also suffer from extremely bad migraines during pregnancy…glad you have had some relief. Feel good!


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