Newborn Nursery Furniture – A Decision at Last?

I’m finding that picking out furniture for a newborn nursery has been consistently one of the toughest parts of getting ready for a baby.  Honestly, I think the only decision that is harder than figuring out the newborn nursery furniture is figuring out what to name our baby.  After all, both are things that we decide with the hopes of our baby having it for life.

Stork Craft Vittoria 3-in-1 crib

We went through a few ideas.  First, we were going to go with StorkCraft.  They’ve come out with all sorts of new styles and such, and some of them were rather nifty.  I thought the Vittoria crib in espresso was pretty nice, and the husband agreed.  We decided that the Aspen changing dresser, also in espresso would be just fine.  Best of all, it was something that we could get from a local store.  Not having to pay an extra $600 in shipping fees (like we did with Norton’s nursery set) was pretty darned appealing.

Then, of course, we went through a phase where we decided that Norton would get a new bedroom, complete with a captain’s bed, and maybe with a trundle bed to go under it.  Then we realized that Norton is just a little tiny bit too tiny to actually climb up that bed.  And I’d already shot down a toddler bed a while ago.  (And I’m still shooting it down since the husband occasionally returns to that idea.)  So, back to the idea of a new nursery for a new baby.

Once we decided for sure that a new nursery was the way to go, we started the “what to buy?” debate once more.  But when we decided to move the tall dresser out of Norton’s room and into the new baby’s room, we changed our mind on the Vittoria crib.  For one, the look of the Vittoria set didn’t match the look of the dresser.  We wanted it to be as seamless as possible, in spite of the fact that we weren’t using the same company.  We refused to go through the same company because, while Norton’s nursery is lovely and I adore it, the service was so awful that it’s worthy of a blog post of its own to say why one shouldn’t use that same company.

Sorelle Robin 3-in-1 crib in espresso

So I went touring online.  And then I found the Sorelle Robin.  It just so happens that this crib is so darned close to the crib that Norton has in his room that it could have been the same one.  It’s a perfect match in every way.  We decided that this was the crib that we had to have, pending the addition of a changing table dresser.  If we could find a Robin changing dresser, then we’d order it and be well on our way.  It turns out, though, that there is no Robin combo dresser.  At least, not that I can find.  I can’t even find it on the Sorelle web site.  Drat.

But I did like the “all wood” manufacture of the Sorelle Robin.  Hard wood = better wood, and more likely to actually be a lifetime set.  So I kept browsing, but this time, I kept browsing within the Sorelle brand.  We found the Sorelle Sophia collection, which actually had a nicely matching dresser that looked darned near identical to the dresser we’re pulling out of Norton’s room.  And it had a combo dresser to use as a changing table for new kid.  As of now, that’s the one that we’re going with.  We found a reasonably priced crib and combo dresser package that’s in the price range we were willing to spend.  The only thing that’s stopping us from ordering it is that the husband wants to wait until we have our 3D ultrasound before we order.

For now, though, it looks like this is the set that we’re going with:

Sorelle Sophia 3-in-1 crib and combo in espresso

So, what do you think?

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  1. Yeah for making a decision! The furniture looks and sounds good 🙂

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