Reducing Necessary Newborn Nursery Furniture

Now that my husband is almost 100% on the same page as me when it comes to what we’re going to do with Norton’s nursery furniture (it’s lifetime furniture; it’s Norton’s furniture for a lifetime), we’re working on what to do for newborn nursery furniture for new kid.  I’m twenty weeks pregnant now, so this seems like a pretty crucial thing… particularly since the husband would procrastinate on this until I’m crowning and I’d have ordered something at the beginning of the second trimester.

I’ve decided that there is exactly one piece of furniture that will come out of Norton’s nursery: the tall five drawer dresser.  When Norton was tiny, it was slammed full.  Receiving blankets, clothes for the future, bedding, whatever other things it occurred to me to stash in there for him…  It was a pretty safe place to put things; Norton wasn’t mobile, so it’s not like he could get anything out.  The only thing that’s in there now is Norton’s extra bedding.  I hang the majority of Norton’s clothes up, so no need for the second dresser.

So, yeah.  Since he has no need for that dresser, I’ve decided to repurpose it for new kid’s room.  This works for a few reasons.  1.)  Nice dressers tend to be expensive.  I don’t have the same amount of disposable income to lavishly decorate a nursery this time around, so I’d like to save a few hundred bucks when I can.  2.) Norton’s room doesn’t actually really have any toys.  Most of them are being kept in the living room.  (We don’t have a play room.)  I’m kind of wanting my living room back, at least a little bit, so that I can have room for things like a Christmas tree next month, and a little bit of baby stuff (like the swing) when new kid arrives.  Without that dresser in his room, it will create a little more space.  I can put his toy rack in his room without his room looking like something out of Hoarders or whatever.  It just means that his room will become a little harder to keep clean.  (Okay, a lot harder to keep clean, particularly since the kid hasn’t mastered the concept of picking up his own toys.)

Granted, deciding to move that dresser comes with a few other challenges… but, hey, we’ll figure it all out.

Here’s a few pictures of Norton’s nursery.

Da crib

The changing table and hutch

The dresser in question

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