Social Networking and Not Caring About Klout

I am not a social networking guru.  I never did MySpace.  (I do have a LiveJournal account that I keep for reading and commenting on communities, though I haven’t updated it in well over a year… and haven’t used regularly in about six or seven years.)  The reason I have a Facebook account is because my staff (back when I still worked outside of the home) kept bugging me to get it.  The Facebook fan page came about because when I was a paid blogger for another site, someone got it and the editors started pushing the rest of us to build a fan page… so I was dragged into it, kicking and screaming.  But now I enjoy my fan page and use it to connect and have conversations with my readers more than I do any other place.  I had a Twitter feed for a while, but had no idea how to use it.  When my friend Angie introduced me to Triberr, that was when I kind of got on the Twitter bandwagon.  It stopped being a tool that is just synced through my Facebook fan page and became something that I actually use (although I do still have the syncing.)  I’ve also got a personal Google+ account (since Google is kind of like the Borg and is assimilating us all) and a Google Page for my blog… but I don’t use them a lot yet.

I’m starting to enjoy Stumble Upon.  It was something that I didn’t use even though I’d vaguely heard of it until one of my tribe members suggested it.

Then, of course, there’s Klout.

Ah, Klout.  What can I say about you at this point?  I’ve had a Klout account that I’ve paid attention to for about six months.  (I blame Amanda for this.)  And when I first joined Triberr, I watched my Klout climb amazingly.  In the last two months, though, my Klout score has been in free fall.  And I just realized recently that… I don’t actually care.  It doesn’t seem to be a particularly meaningful metric.  The metrics that do mean something to me are constantly increasing.  My baby website, which I only really started using a couple of months ago, is consistently getting more page views over the previous thirty days.  My fan page and Twitter followings are growing, and I actually interact with people and get to know them.  If anything, my online relationships and interactions have become more meaningful, in spite of Klout determining that they suddenly are less.

What do I enjoy?  I’m really beginning to enjoy Pinterest.  It’s given me ideas on stuff that I can do with Norton, and it’s helped me become more of a crafty mom.  I love it when people repin something that I put up; I don’t generally crawl Pinterest for ideas.  I use Pinterest to store ideas and share things that my tribe mates have done in the arts, crafts, and brilliant ideas about parenting and homeschooling departments.  So, yeah.  Pinterest has more meaning to me than Klout.  Actually, pretty much everything has more meaning to me than Klout.

What social networking tools do you place the most importance on?

So, just in case you were wondering… if you look at the right, you can see my social networking buttons.  It’s all the places you can “find” me and keep up with my awesomeness.

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Suzi is an American ex-pat living in British Columbia. She's a cloth diaper addict, wife, mom of three, and President of the Prince George chapter of Cloth for a Cause.


  1. The *only* reason I love Klout is because of the perks! I get tons of free stuff from Ecomom. Totally worth it in my book 🙂 Of course now that they have screwed with the numbers – not sure my score is high enough for anymore perks.

  2. You do know that everyone’s Klout score went into freefall right? Not that you have to care about it, but it isn’t just you 🙂

    • LOL! I knew a lot of scores suddenly dropped, but my free fall started before that. I worried, at first, then realized that it’s just not “where it’s at” for me. 🙂 Finding good stuff and meeting other people is what makes it good. 🙂

  3. I only got an email address last year, and since then I now have my own blog, a Facebook page, Twitter, Triber, Google + and Klout. I will be checking into blogger rehab any day now!! I think the network I really like is voiceBoks, which is small compared to the other mom blogging sites, but I’ve made so many online friends and have gotten so much support, which I really enjoy. I think all the networks have their place but I have to be careful, if I find that I’m getting too obsessed with my Alexa ranking, or Klout score then I’m probably loosing focus on my writing, which is why I started my blog in the first place. Thanks for a great post. I found you through twitter and Army of Moms. I’m now following, so I guess Twitter is good for something!! Take care!

    • I still enjoy Twitter. 🙂 I like things that involve interaction… and that’s why Twitter is still good. Klout? Meh, other than giving Klout to someone else, what do you do?

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