Struggling with Newborn Nursery Decor

It’s so funny the kinds of things that I struggle with while pregnant.  Of course, picking a baby’s name is difficult.  You’re picking something that will stick with your child for the rest of his (or her) life.  Picking out newborn nursery furniture is almost as difficult, particularly since I buy lifetime furniture.  It’s the only set I’m ever going to buy that kid, so it had better be good.  Even though newborn nursery decor won’t be used for life, it’s still a detail that I agonize over.  And really, I suspect that the reason newborn nursery decor is so darned hard is because it’s all a matter of taste.

I’m not one of those creative people who can whip up an Etsy shop in a matter of minutes.  I don’t sew.  I don’t draw.  I don’t paint.  I dropped art in eighth grade because it was just too darned hard.  So, really, when I shop for newborn nursery decor, I look for a few things.  1.) I need to be able to buy a ton of coordinating stuff so that I can set up an entire room and have it look awesome.  2.) It needs to be well-made so that it will survive through the toddler years…  I have no desire to buy another bedding set before converting the bed to a full size.  After all, if I do the entire room coordinated and I have to buy new bedding in a new theme, wouldn’t I need to redo the bedroom decor as a whole, too?  3.) I need to just plain like it, and the husband needs to agree.  4.) I am not allowed to spend more than my mortgage.

I bought Norton’s newborn nursery decor in a variety of places.  The bedding set came from eBay.  I bought other stuff online and had it shipped from the States.  In the end, he got a perfectly coordinated room decorated in the now-discontinued Kidsline Zanzibar set.  (It’s a cool jungle theme.)

Now I’m struggling, and it’s even harder.  I have those same 4 criteria this time around, but I don’t know what I’m having, so I can’t do anything gender specific.  (Although, of course, I could wait.)  But if it’s a little girl, I don’t want her room to look like pink flowers threw up.  I kind of like gender neutral things in terms of room decor, actually.  And it seems like the most easily done gender neutral theme is jungle theme.

Kids Line Jungle 123 nursery set

I found a set that I like, the Kids Line Jungle 123, and it has a ton of coordinating things.  Actually, everything can be coordinated, which is just plain awesome.  You can get a lovely six piece set (all of which, of course, isn’t terribly useful… no crib bumpers for us), a mobile, a rug, a clothes hamper, and a butt ton of accessories with little to no creative effort.  But here’s where I have a hard time with it.  The Kidsline Jungle 123 set is, obviously, another jungle decor thing.  Isn’t it kind of a rip off for Norton to see his sibling get similar decor?  It’s like… I put so much effort into trying to make Norton’s room beautiful and special that if I did another jungle room, it would diminish the awesomeness of Norton’s room.  Or something.

Am I putting too much thought into this?  How did you decorate a second child’s room differently from your older child’s?

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  1. What about forest animals instead of jungle? There are a few cute ones out there – enchanted hollow, forest friends and tree top (some have more coordinating items than others I think). Or Teddy Bears (Honey Bear?)…an animal theme for gender neutrality, but different animals than Norton had

  2. Since we want four kids but have two bedrooms, our plan is simply: Our decor is based on what mommy and daddy like. The second baby will likely share the same room with the first for a while. Our theme is blue and white with monkeys and puppies. Not really a theme, but something I like. When the kids get older and we have more babies, the older kids will shift around and then get to pick their decor. In other words, fluidity is the name of the decorating game in my house!

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