Toddler Talking and Making Progress

I’ve been struggling with Norton and toddler talking.  As in, there hasn’t really been much toddler talking going on at all.  Today, we had a breakthrough.  At least, it felt like a breakthrough to me.

We received a list of “homework words” when we went to the speech and language pathologist, and we’ve been trying to integrate them into our day as often as possible.  If we know the signs, we sign it, too.  I’ve also been following some “instructions” from It Takes Two to Talk  and working around Norton’s Own Agenda Communication Style.  Today I was sitting on the floor with Norton in the dining room blowing bubbles.  Each time the bubbles were all popped, Norton would come up to me and wait for me to blow more.  Each time, I’d repeat “bubbles” and hope that he would imitate me using the word.  I’d also do the sign for bubbles.

Norton still isn’t doing any toddler talking.  He made zero effort to say the word.  But he did something else.  I could see his little fingers pinching together at his side.  He was making the sign for “bubbles.”

I’ll gladly take signing as a valid form of toddler communication.  It’s wonderful to have my child tell me something.

I hope that we continue to make progress.


Edited to add: after writing this blog post, we had another moment of awesomeness.  For the first time ever, Norton handed me his sippy cup for a refill instead of throwing it (or throwing it at me) and screaming.  I’m finding some hope, here.

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  1. That’s awesome! It’s always so encouraging when a child responds to something like that. Plus, you are teaching him two languages, which will be so beneficial to him later on. Glad you are seeing progress!

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