Toddler Toys – What’s Under the Tree for Norton? (Sesame Street Edition)

Now that I’ve discovered that Norton has a deep and abiding love for Elmo, toddler toys for Christmas became significantly easier.  In fact, it’s safe to say that I am currently done shopping.  Or at least, the husband has decided that I’ve bought enough toddler toys for Norton’s Christmas and it’s time to stop shopping now.  Boo.  I haven’t even put up a Christmas tree, and he’s already telling me to stop shopping.

Because Norton finally likes something and I can identify it without watching him for a reaction, Norton is getting a Christmas that’s a bit Sesame Street influenced.

Sesame Street Let's Rock Elmo

Sesame Street Let's Rock Elmo

Sesame Street Let’s Rock Elmo – I wasn’t going to buy this toy.  I thought that it was overpriced and because it sings and dances, it will not be a cuddly toy and will probably be forgotten about.  It seemed like an awfully expensive thing that would be forgotten about in a couple of weeks.  Then I saw the Sesame Street Let’s Rock Cookie Monster Keyboard.  I knew without a doubt that Norton would enjoy the keyboard.  He’s already showing a preference for musically based toys.  When I found out that the keyboard integrates with Elmo, I was sold.  I had to make sure that Norton had it.  So I’ve bought Norton the keyboard and Elmo, and I’m hoping that they’ll be a big hit on Christmas morning.  At the very least, he’s extremely fascinated with Let’s Rock Elmo when we push the demo button in the stores.  That’s always a good start.


Gund Teach Me Elmo - 15.75"

Gund Teach Me Elmo - 15.75"

Gund Teach Me Elmo When I was a little kid, I had a Snoopy doll that was designed to teach little kids about dressing.  It had a buckle, a button, a zipper, Velcro, and a lace up shoe, all meant for me to play with and figure out so that I could do those things myself.  (It took a long time to figure out the lace up shoe part, though… but that’s probably the subject of a childhood trauma blog post or something.)  I loved the toy and I loved zipping and unzipping Snoopy’s jacket.  I really, really wanted Norton to have something similar.  Plus, he’s so darned independent that he wants to do everything for himself.  I figured it made far more sense for me to provide Norton with the means to figure these things out instead of getting frustrated.  So I went ahead and ordered this for Norton.  Since it doesn’t come in a box (Gund toys don’t), I’ve decided that Santa will bring this to Norton.

Gund 13" Plush Elmo

Gund Sesame Street Elmo Plush – This Elmo does absolutely nothing.  It does not sing.  It does not dance.  It doesn’t have buttons to fasten or zippers to zip.  It’s just a cute little stuffy, and at 13 inches, I was hoping that it would be just the right size for cuddles.  Now that I have it, it’s definitely soft, cute, and adorably cuddly.  However, I probably could have safely bought the 15 inch high Elmo Plush and it probably would have been a better snuggle.  Anyway, the plush Elmo will also be from Santa because of the lack of packaging.  Hopefully it becomes something awesomely cuddly in his new toddler bedroom.

What’s under your Christmas tree?

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  1. I loved my little doll that taught me about getting dressed. I hope Norton enjoys his new Elmo too!


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