33 Weeks Pregnant – Fetal Movement Gets Violent

At 33 weeks pregnant, I’ve moved into that part of pregnancy that I refer to as the “get it out!” phase.  You know, you’re miserably uncomfortable, things ache, and parts of pregnancy that were adorable a month or two before are now getting as miserable as the rest.  I find it funny that at nineteen weeks pregnant, I was thrilled to finally feel a bit of fetal movement… and at 33 weeks pregnant, I just want her to stop hurting me.

This is my third child.  It’s not like I’ve never experienced the painful kicks of the third trimester before.  Both of my boys had their quirks.  With Andy, I had to poke a nub back in my belly right around 2:30 a.m. on a daily basis.  It sort of tickled.  With Norton, he was moving a lot, but it was seldom terribly painful.  With Eudora, though, it’s been quite different.  And by different, I mean violent and painful.

For one, she seems to enjoy stretching out.  When she was lying transverse at my ultrasounds, it felt like she would settle down into my pelvis and push my hips apart.  That hurt, but that was only the beginning of fetal movement becoming fetal assault.  In the last few weeks, she seems to have settled herself either into a head down position or breech.  (I haven’t had an ultrasound since around 22 weeks, so who knows for sure.)  Sometimes she’ll stretch so that something is hurting both my ribs and my pelvis.

Even nicer, she seems to have this idea of personal space.  Winston the Wonder Chihuahua stepped on my belly, and Eudora let me know that she didn’t like it by kicking the crap out of me (like belly moving all over the place, etc) for a few minutes.  At least when Norton’s bump got stepped on, he kicked the dog instead of just taking it out on me.  When we were at the doctor’s office and a medical student was using the Doppler, she kicked so hard that the Doppler flew off of me and the student almost dropped the wand.  And when I had my hands kind of resting on the top of my bump while I played Bejeweled on my phone, she kicked incessantly (and brutally) until I moved.  That was when I figured out that she was demanding personal space.  We had a conversation about how she doesn’t get to claim “my bubble” when she’s actually inside my bubble.  Not, of course, that it’s done much good.

I’m glad she’s kicking and moving around, of course.  It means that she’s doing all right in there.  I just wish that she didn’t have to kick so hard that I feel like there’s internal injuries being done.  But, hey, only seven more weeks to go.

Did you have an active baby?  Was fetal movement just plentiful, or was it an assault, too?


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  1. Hahaha, I love the mental image of the Doppler flying through the air and the stunned med student 😉 My baby was breech and it was SO UNCOMFORTABLE! His head was always up in my ribcage towards my arm pit (and I have a pretty short torso) so I couldn’t bend in any direction or convince him to let me breathe properly. I’m kind of curious to know what it feels like to have a baby that is head down (he was my first) because I’m sure it’s annoying . . . but I don’t think it can possibly be as uncomfortable as that was!

    • Ha. Interestingly enough, it’s still uncomfortable. (I’m also a shorty.) Instead of having a head in your lungs, you get them kicked. And your rib cage feels like there’s a kid playing monkey bars on them. 😛

  2. Congrats on the baby 🙂
    and yes 33 weeks they can move
    I used to say I had soccer players in my belly LOL
    all 3 of them .. very active the last few weeks for me was the longest try to rest as much as possible..
    I remember laying down and putting the remote control right in the middle of my belly the boys would kick it to the floor it was funny to watch ( we actually have it on tape ) great memories

  3. Baby Q liked to stretch too. He was head down by 32 Weeks and stayed that way and I could feel distinct head and butt pushing opposite directions. He also liked to stretch his legs so I’d have this weird misshapen lump on the side of my belly a few (hundred) times a day. The weirdest part though was that I could feel his fingers scratching against my pelvis. I could actually feel individual fingers. It was uncomfortable, but mostly creepy. Lol

  4. Jeanette M says:

    Very late response, but I stumbled here when googling “33 weeks fetal movement” as my bub has been very active as of late.

    I don’t yet feel much discomfort at all (no kicks in the ribs, in spite of being 5’1), but I love that you also experienced your baby claiming space. Mine doesn’t like it when I rest my arm on the belly when playing a game on the iPhone, and hates the doppler, although hasn’t kicked it away.

    It’s also really good to know your baby moved around lots, as mine is sometimes head down, sometimes transverse etc.

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. I enjoyed this very much because I am 33 weeks today, had a rough night and was telling my husband, “I’m done!” This is our first and it’s been a very up an down thing physically but emotionally we are THRILLED!!
    Our son loves to stretch out and stick his toes in my ribs or dig his elbows into my hips… I have woken up by his violence. He’s also one who likes his personal space but other days he doesn’t mind.
    Great 33 week blog!
    Shannon <3

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