35 Weeks Pregnant and Blissfully in Love

Amazingly enough, we hit 35 weeks pregnant yesterday.  In two to five weeks, our little girl will make her arrival.  Aside from that obsessive nesting need to get everything done (which is even stronger at 35 weeks pregnant than it was at 33 weeks pregnant), the husband and I have finally gotten our rumps in gear and started our Hypnobabies Home Study Course in earnest.  Of course, since we delayed so long, we’re doing an “accelerated plan” that we found online.

We’ve got a doula, and she’s awesome.  We have a doctor who does not do c-sections, so really, it doesn’t get any better than that for a VBAC delivery.  Most amazingly, though, the more the husband and talk about Hypnobabies and why it’s so important to us that it works, the more I realize how absolutely amazing my husband is.

I’d stated previously that it was important to me to give the husband the birth experience that he really wanted.  He wants to see our baby being born, rather than be in the room behind a curtain when our baby is surgically removed  from my massive belly.  I want so badly to give him that, particularly since this is it, our last baby, his last chance to have the birth experience that he wants.  Of course, I’d told him my order of priorities: everyone survives, everyone comes out healthy, and he gets the experience that he wants.  Really, though, the first two are unnecessary to list; if we don’t all come out alive and healthy, it clearly wasn’t what he wanted to experience in the first place.

While my view on the birth experience is that it’s all about him, his view is that it’s all about me.  He remembers that I was so very doped up from my c-section for Norton.  In addition to the spinal block, I was also sedated.  You see, I have an intense phobia of suffocation, and I was starting to panic because I couldn’t feel myself breathing.  My O2 stats were great, which meant it was all in my head.  While the c-section surgery itself was no problem for me, the complete and utter haze that I was in afterwards interfered with bonding.  And recovery wasn’t particularly fun.  He wants me to have the most comfortable, painless labor and recovery possible, and he wants to be with me every step of the way.  He wants to do whatever it takes to make sure that I’m okay.

In short, he loves me.  And the more he tells me how he wants it to be a wonderful birth experience for me, the more amazing and blissfully in love with my husband I realize that I am.  For the first time since my horrible experience with Andy, I’m not afraid of childbirth.  I know that it’ll be okay for one simple reason: he’ll be with me.  At 35 weeks pregnant, my only concerns are just getting everything and everyone ready for the arrival of our Eudora.  We’ll finalize our birth plan soon, and it’ll be the way we want it to be.  And we’ll do it together.


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Suzi is an American ex-pat living in British Columbia. She's a cloth diaper addict, wife, mom of three, and President of the Prince George chapter of Cloth for a Cause.


  1. So amazing to have a partner who supports you. My daughter was an emergency section, but my son, born in October, was a VBAC. The two experiences could not have been more different. I wish your family all the best!

  2. So happy for you and wish you all the luck! Having such a supportive husband really does make all the difference!

  3. MasalaMama says:

    Was so happy to read this blog, made me a little misty. It is so helpful and a blessing to have such a supportive husband. You two seem to be good friends and more importantly- on the same page. I missed that. my husband and I live in two different worlds- it’s good that you recognize the good and positive in his role.
    Wishing you so much luck and lots of positive good energy!

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