New Developments in Toddler Behavior

Toddler behavior.  We know that it’s a perplexing, often changing thing.  And we know that toddler behavior changes are often based on figuring out their own identities, blah blah blah.  Whatever.  There are other blogs that can get more technical on the how’s and why’s.

I’m just too happy about some changes that I’ve seen in Norton’s toddler behavior.  I’m wondering if the fact that these changes are coming along at the same time we’re starting to see small improvements in toddler talking is no coincidence.  In terms of toddler talking, Norton is now using “ball” and “yogurt” on a regular basis… even though “ball” sounds more like “boo” and “yogurt” sounds more like “go-goo”.

The toddler behavior that I’m so delighted with is an increase in patience.  Many times in the past, Norton has brought me his cup for a refill while I’m in the bathroom and gotten mad because I didn’t get him more milk right that second.  (That I was in the bathroom and was, therefore, rather busy, did not even register with him.)  Today, he brought me his cup for a refill and proceeded to wait patiently for me to go in the kitchen and get him more milk.  That was when I realized that he’d been handing me his cup nicely for a while now instead of just throwing it at me… and he’s been willing to wait a few minutes for his milk instead of just having a complete and total meltdown.

Our other awesome toddler behavior of the day: we got to read a story before Norton’s nap.  Lately, Norton has been more interested in his books.  He’s been known to sit down quietly and look through them instead of just throwing them and destroying them.  Today I got to sit down and read him an entire board book while he was tucked in for his nap/quiet time.  At twenty-two months old, I finally got to just read my baby a story without him getting bored, flipping pages, or running away.

It was just incredible.  I remember having quiet times to read with Andy, who is now fourteen.  His book of choice was Green Eggs & Ham.  I’m hoping that Norton will also become a Dr. Seuss enthusiast in the near future and that story time can become a regular part of our routine.
This isn’t, of course, to say that Norton is now magically perfect and all is blissfully happy.  He’s a toddler, and we live in the real world instead of fantasy land.  But things are definitely getting better.  I’ll take it.
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