Some Days Being a Mom is Like Being a Pillow Pet

I love being a mom.  More specifically, I love being a mom to Norton and my two pups.  I’m home with them every day and we spend a lot of time playing and just snuggling.  But sometimes, apparently being a mom is synonymous with being a pillow pet.  You see, we have pillow pets scattered around the house.  All of the kids love to roll around on them and snuggle down on them for a nap.  We’ve got an elephant in the living room, a monkey in the nursery, and a giraffe in Norton’s new room.  They all get loved… and lounged on.

Yesterday, though, I was the pillow pet.  It seemed that if I was standing, I had someone on me.  Or more than one someone.  Winston the Wonder Chihuahua insists upon wedging himself between me and the arm of the couch.  In fact, he’s so insistent upon being in that exact spot that he scratches the couch to get my attention so that I’ll shift and let him in.  My couch now looks like I have a cat without a scratching post.  Thank goodness it’s a cheap couch.  I know he’s a cuddly little dog who requires a lot of attention.  He’s not my first Chihuahua; I suspect that all Chihuahuas have some sort of neurotic needy streak.  Winston’s need is to constantly be near me, like a ten pound brown furry growth.

And then there’s T’akaya the Brilliant Border Collie.  She’s primarily the husband’s dog, but since I’ve been her protector when Norton gets too grabby, she’s become exceptionally attached to me.  Sometimes attached like a growth.  Even better is when I’ve got T’akaya lying on my left side and cuddling, and Winston jammed into my right.

And then there’s Norton.  Norton’s cuddles, of course, are the best.  He’s not a cuddly child by nature, so when he does cuddle, it’s awesome.  He’s decided that he likes when I scratch his hair, so he’ll come up beside me, take my hand, and put it to the back of his head.  Usually, he does this beside me, where T’akaya likes to snuggle.  Sometimes T’akaya will move, other times Norton will essentially sit on her… or he’ll sit on me.  And I don’t have a lot of lap left.

During all of this time, Eudora is kicking away like mad.  It hurt.  However, one thing that I was not about to do was ask her to kick less or grumble about it.  It added to my general sense of irritation, but after the worry of her not moving around like that the day before, I learned my lesson: I’ll take the discomfort because it’s what’s normal for her.

By the time the husband got home last night, I was ready to lose my marbles.  The only time that I didn’t have someone on me while I was sitting was when I was downstairs folding laundry on my bed.  Norton was taking a nap, Winston was happily snuggled under the covers and curled up on the heating pad, and T’akaya was lying on the couch at the foot of my bed.  I got fortunate; T’akaya has had times when she doesn’t care if I’m folding laundry.  She’ll walk up and lie down on whatever I’m trying to fold when she wants my attention.  *sigh* So after the husband came home last night, we’re trying to talk, and he’s watching me become increasingly agitated as all of my kids rotate climbing on me.

It was one of those rare occasions where the husband didn’t have something to say or do that would make it all better.  He said, “Everyone loves you.  It’s part of being a mom.”

And that’s great.  But could they love me from across the room?  It looks like today is going to be the same kind of day.  The entire time I’ve been writing this blog post, I’ve had T’akaya snuggled up against my leg.

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Suzi is an American ex-pat living in British Columbia. She's a cloth diaper addict, wife, mom of three, and President of the Prince George chapter of Cloth for a Cause.

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