Toddler Talking and the Three Word Week

I’m just elated with our progress with toddler talking this week.  You see, lately Norton has been picking up one new word a week, and that’s been wonderful.  Every time he learns a new word, toddler communication gets that much easier… and I feel just a little bit more hopeful.  So when toddler talking included three words in a week, I was over the moon.

Our new words?  Well, they’re words that are pretty darned relevent.  Which is just awesome sauce.

The first word he picked up was “shoe.”  Considering Norton has always been a little boy who adores his shoes (and still likes it when I play with his feet), that’s particularly excellent.  His pronounciation is a little different, though.  He calls it a “hoo.”  Close enough!

Word number two is even better.  Since we have less than a month before Eudora makes her arrival, I’ve been trying to get Norton to understand that there’s a baby in Mommy’s tummy.  He’s said “baby” perfectly once… but usually, he calls her “bee!”  I’m kind of wondering if Eudora’s nickname in life is going to end up being “Bee.”  Just because that’s what her big brother called her.

Word number three?  Well, that’s a helpful word because it means that Norton knows that he’s not being displaced.  I’ve been very careful to still refer to Norton as “mine.”  But instead of calling him “my baby” (which, really, he’s not… he’s a fiercely independent toddler), I call him “my boy.”  I asked him what he was, and he said “boy!”  And it actually sounded like boy.  Sometimes, though, “boy” and “bee” are interchangeable.  I’m not sure if that’s because his toddler communication skills are still pretty rudimentary or if it’s because he’s making it clear that he’s still the baby.  Either way, though, I’ll take it.

Getting caught up with our toddler language delay is a pretty slow process, but we’ll get there eventually.  After all, it’s not like this lack of toddler talking will lead to a grown up who grunts and points (or screams) to get his way, right?  And we’re starting our toddler language playgroup this week, so even better.  Hopefully that will speed up the process even more.

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  1. Yay Norton! One word a week sounds great!


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