Major Strides in Toddler Talking

For over a year now, I’ve been worried about language delays and lack of toddler talking.  But the toddler language delay play group that Norton attends once a week is making a huge difference.  I’ve been thrilled in the past when Norton uses a couple of new words a week.  But now?  Toddler talking is non-stop.  Well, sort of.

You see, Norton was always a pretty quiet little boy.  Okay, he made loud sounds, but just not very often.  There wasn’t a whole lot of the typical babbling that comes before using words.  Now?  He’s babbling.  But even better, we’re getting more words.

We’re finally getting things like “bus” (a toy that he has), “puppy”, and “cool.”  The most awesome part?  He started using all three of those words in one day.  Plus, he’s starting to try to repeat.  (That’s good news and bad news.  Good news because that’s a common part of language development, but bad news because Mommy swears like a sailor and really has to watch it now.)

Not only that, but he’s clearly got a memory that rivals mine.  Before we went to the park today, he brought me a green triangle from Eudora’s baby gym.  I told him it was a green triangle, and we looked around the living room for other things that are green.  When we got back from the park, he brought me that triangle and said, “Green.”  (Okay, more like “gee”, but still.  The idea was there.)

It seems like every day, he’s picking up a new word (or three on the awesome day).  Maybe this is the beginning of the toddler language explosion.  Either way, I’m thrilled.  I’ll take it.  (I’d be happier if the newly developed tendency to screech would go away, but you know what?  If that’s part of my kid finally starting to talk to me, I’ll take it.)  Yay for toddler talking!  Even when he tells me “no.” 🙂

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