Improvements in Toddler Talking

We’ve had great strides in toddler talking since Norton started attending his toddler play group for language delayed children.  We’ve gone from limited toddler talking to a near language explosion.  Mind you, I won’t go so far as to say that he’s entirely caught up, but… we’ve gone from one new word a week to sometimes having three new words in a day.

It’s amazing.  He identifies animals by name.  For quite some time, he’s been able to show me which of his toys is a cow when I ask.  But now, he brings me a cow and says the word.  He also says the word “chicken” (though it’s pronounced “kickin”, which is just awesome).  He does the same with other animals on his Melissa & Doug animal sound puzzle board.  This is super awesome because for a while, everything that wasn’t a person was a puppy.  (You should have seen the look on his face when he tried to chase after a “puppy” at the park and it flew away.  He knows puppies aren’t supposed to fly.  The problem was that puppy was actually a raven.)

Of course, he’s also still extraordinarily fond of Elmo.  He actually calls Elmo “Bemmo” instead of the usual “Melmo” toddler pronunciation.  He also still carries around his best friend Pillow, and now says Pillow at times.  (That’s pronounced “piwwow.”)

We’re also working on colors.  He identifies things that are green (pronounced “gee”, rhymes with ski), and he’s starting to point out things that are blue (or “boo”).

Even though we’re seeing Norton catch up, he’s still considered as having a toddler language delay.  He doesn’t use word combinations, and toddler communication still includes screaming.  I’m considering loaning him out to a death metal band in the area.  I understand that the occasional banshee scream that makes ears bleed can be quite useful in some songs.  (Okay, not really, but good grief, he hits a pitch that can make ears bleed.  It’s like I’m raising a dog whistle or something.)

Nearly every day, Norton says something that surprises me.  We’ve gotten at that stage where I have to be careful of what I say, lest he repeat something he shouldn’t.  (Fortunately, he has yet to repeat one of Mommy’s eff bombs.  But I’m definitely contemplating starting a swear jar in order to pay for Norton’s college education.)

All in all, though, it’s fantastic to see (and hear) the wonderful improvements Norton is making in toddler language development.  I credit the toddler language delay play group with getting him caught up.  I’m not sure if Norton would have ever started talking without their help.

Did your little one ever experience a delay in toddler language development?  How long did it take to get your small person caught up?

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  1. Way to go, Norton! So glad to see that he is making progress.

    And lol on loaning him out to a death metal band!

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