Infant Diaper Rash and Flipping Out over Cloth Diapers

One of the biggest reasons that I love using cloth diapers is that the dreaded infant diaper rash is very seldom an issue.  Still, though, I don’t use cloth diapers exclusively.  I use disposables overnight because there is nothing in the world that will keep my children from drenching the bed.  Heck, Norton periodically floods a disposable.  That kid is just a heavy wetter.   We also use disposables on outings.  However, Eudora developed a nasty infant diaper rash last weekend, and it’s got me rethinking using disposables on her when we do less than two hour trips out.

This diaper rash was just awful.  My poor baby girl was crying when we changed her, and her bum had little pinpricks of blood when wiping her clean.  If she had a stinky diaper, any progress made in getting rid of the rash with baby powder and airing out with some diaper free time was lost.  It was like she was having bowel movements that were too acidic for her already irritated skin to deal with.  Even just using cloth diapers all the time wasn’t doing it.  Even adding Boudreaux’s Butt Paste during the overnight disposable use wasn’t doing it.

In order to beat this infant diaper rash, I was going to have to be liberal with the Butt Paste for a few days.  I was not, however, interested in using disposables during that time… nor did I want to wreck my cloth diapers with Butt Paste.  So I came up with an alternate solution… and Cozy Bums, my cloth diaper dealer (and chief enabler for my cloth diaper addiction) had what I needed.

I needed a disposable insert for my hybrid cloth diapers.

Eudora modeling the Flip Diaper in Albert

I’d never bothered with disposable inserts for my hybrids before.  They’re more expensive than a disposable diaper, and still getting tossed, so why bother?  After all, one of the perks of using cloth diapers (unless you’re an addict like me) is that they are so very cost effective due to reuse.  But seeing that bad nasty infant diaper rash on Eudora’s tiny little bum changed my mind, so I placed an order with Cozy Bums for some Flips disposable inserts and one more Flip cover.

When I got to Cozy Bums, Kerri was opening a new order… and I left with three Flip covers with inserts and a pack of disposable inserts.  (And now you can get the Flips covers in Albert and Lovely!)  I got the Albert for Eudora, along with the Zinnia and the Blossom.  It’s adorable!  And the pattern is so non-bold that I can easily mix it with Eudora’s clothes.

As for the Flip disposable inserts themselves, I’m very sold on them now.  Eudora’s infant diaper rash has cleared up nicely.  The inserts themselves are super slim and trim, solving the excessively fluffy bum problem that is common when one size diapers are sized down to fit a very young baby.  They fit in BumGenius 4.0 diapers and Econobums, too.  So it’s just one great big win for us!

Have you ever made adjustments to your diapering routine in order to beat an infant diaper rash?

Update, 8/26/13: I’ve since found overnight cloth diaper options that work for both of my children.  And it turns out that Eudora is not a heavy wetter at all.  We’ve had leaks in disposables overnight, but never a single one in cloth.

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