Postpartum Weight Loss, Nutrition, and Impatience

Today is an important day.  I turned 34.  And I’m finally admitting that I’m 34… and no longer “25 and holding.”  I’ve been working hard on postpartum weight loss.  Seriously working hard on postpartum weight loss.  For four weeks, I’ve worked out every day.  I’ve been trying to get my body back and get both my husband and myself into shape.

This morning, though, impatience reared its ugly head.  The scale hasn’t been moving quite as well as I want.  I’m down around five pounds, and it yo-yos up and down between four and six pounds.  I know that PCOS weight loss is a difficult thing, but I seriously thought that the fact that I was working out one to two hours a day (counting things like taking the kids on hikes through the woods in our super awesome Phil & Teds Explorer stroller with the doubles kit) would do it.  I’m working out seriously hard for some postpartum weight loss.

So, I had a less than mature reaction to seeing yet another time when the scale disappointed me.  I got frustrated with the measurements on the tape staying the same.

I got back into bed and decided that it was time to clean up my nutrition even more… right after I decided that I was tired and was blowing off my morning workout.  It was time to ditch the processed foods (like the Slim Fast bars that I really, really love but are full of carbs… which isn’t awesome when you’re trying to lose weight with PCOS).  Sure, I wasn’t eating Storck chocolate reisens by the bag full any longer, and I’d stopped buying true junk food… but the thought that my Slim Fast bars were anything other than glorified But right after that, I decided that today was my birthday and I was going to binge on all of those things that I’d decided had no further place in my home.  Or, you know, on my hips.

But at the same time, there was that level of irritation.  The one where I decided that since it was my birthday, I was going to enjoy it.  I was going to eat the crap that I love eating.  It didn’t take long, but I got sick of it.  I figured out pretty quick that I’ve lost my taste for a diet of pure crap.  And even my less than purely crappy junk food in terms of how I used to eat didn’t agree with me.  By noon, I was over it.  By three o’clock, I desperately wanted carrots.

I’m not going to pretend I’ve got this postpartum fitness and weight loss thing all figured out.  But I know that I’ve felt off today, and I’m quite certain that eating junk and not getting any exercise today had something to do with it.

Tomorrow is the start of a new day, and I’ll just dust myself off and start all over again.  I’ll also remember how crappy I feel when I ignore postpartum nutrition needs.

Did you lose the baby weight?  How did you go about it, and how long did it take?

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Suzi is an American ex-pat living in British Columbia. She's a cloth diaper addict, wife, mom of three, and President of the Prince George chapter of Cloth for a Cause.


  1. I wasn’t diagnosed with PCOS until almost 2 years after my kiddo was born. However afterward I decided to really start the weight loss hard core. I went on a great diet and worked out 5-6 days per week. In about 9 months I lost 20 lbs (then got pregnant again…) I was actually down to lower than when I got pregnant with my son, but still overweight by the charts (but pretty close to my high school weight)…

    It can get discouraging to not have the scales move as quickly as you want them to! Good luck on your continued journey. If you need a diet buddy I’d love to be there for you (although right now I’m just trying to eat healthy… by mid-ish September I will be on the trying to loose the baby fat again – after that 6 week checkup!)

  2. Good effort exercising every day! Shows commitment. I find weight isn’t a good measure for me as when I’m at my fittest it’s often heavier than when I was unfit! How demoralizing. I think I found my best results, other than the first 3 mths breastfeeding were when I gave up sugar. I’m struggling a bit now to keep as clean but it’s incredible the highs and lows I had. Nutrition got me the results, exercise was the companion that upped my moods and made me toned, but I could also be toned and unhappy with my weight and that’s the difference. I guess every body is different but commitment counts for a LOT. Hope you reach your destination

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