Postpartum Workout – Turbo Jam, Toddler Style

I bust my butt doing my regular postpartum workout routine.  On a perfect day, I get up stupid early (like 5 a.m.), feed Eudora, put her to bed, and then hop right into my postpartum workout from there.  Some days, though, she doesn’t wake up until around 7, which is around when Norton gets up… so the postpartum workout will have to wait.  Other days, she’ll wake up at like 3 a.m… and that’s just way too early for me to put on my workout clothes and break a sweat.

On those off days, I still manage to get a workout in while Eudora is sleeping… but Norton doesn’t always nap anymore, and there are limits to how long he’s willing to play quietly in his room.  Every now and again, I’ll bring Norton downstairs with me and let him play when I exercise.  I don’t get as great of a workout when he “helps”, but it keeps him happy.

The most fun workouts to include Norton in are actually my Turbo Jam workouts.  The Cardio Party routines are generally somewhat dancey, and Norton (probably like most toddlers out there) loves to dance.  I kind of wish that I wasn’t so busy doing my own workout when he does this; his little toddler dance “routine” is completely and utterly worth filming.  If you’ve ever done Turbo Jam (or Turbo Fire), you’re familiar with Chalene Johnson’s kicks and “the turbo twist.”  Norton actually does his own little version of the twist, and will attempt to do the kicks and the large arm circles that are done during the workout.  In fact, now he does his own version of “the turbo twist” and the occasional step ball change when he does his own little toddler dance to Sesame Street songs.

He’ll actually stick with the dancing to the music for about three minutes before he runs off to throw my massive yoga ball at me… or start doing running belly flops onto the dog bed.  Still, though, it keeps him occupied, he has fun, and I manage to get my workout done with minimal interruptions.

Do you ever include your children in your postpartum workout routine?  How does it work for you?

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Suzi is an American ex-pat living in British Columbia. She's a cloth diaper addict, wife, mom of three, and President of the Prince George chapter of Cloth for a Cause.


  1. I walk a lot, so I always take the baby with me and often times the dog too!

    • Ha, yeah, that’s another thing that we do… although since it’s on trails through the woods with variable elevations, it’s more like hiking. <3 Sometimes it's just me and a dog or two, sometimes it's me with a dog and a stroller full of kids. 🙂

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