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I’m a stay at home mom.  I don’t have a lot of friends in the area with children, particularly when you consider my besties with children Norton’s age live in the computer.   (Okay, not literally, but we’re scattered pretty far and wide.)  With this in mind, I try to keep an eye out for a toddler activity that will have Norton around kids his age and one that he’ll enjoy.  One toddler activity we do on a regular basis is Norton’s play group for language delayed toddlers.  It’s fantastic, and it’s making such a huge difference.

Norton has discovered the magic of books.

I was worried for a while.  I thought that this might never happen, particularly after the library incident.  Now?  Norton is crazy about books.  Not all books.  As much as Norton’s big brother loved Green Eggs & Ham when he was Norton’s age, it just doesn’t do it for Norton.  Instead, Norton has fallen in love with Spot.

There’s this wonderful series of books about a puppy named Spot.  They aren’t complex books.  In fact, an entire book is maybe two paragraphs at the most.  What makes Spot so very amazing is the simplicity of the story and the images that goes along with it.  I have the speech pathologist who runs Norton’s toddler language delay play group to thank for it.  She suggested it as something to help get Norton to point, since he can point to the puppy on every page.

It didn’t do a great job of getting him to point, but every book in our Spot repertoire has contributed to adding to Norton’s vocabulary.  Spot Loves His Grandpa (though we read it as “Grumpy” since that’s what we call Norton’s grandfather) gave Norton the words “flower” and “cat”.  Spot Loves His Grandma gave Norton more opportunities to practice the words “flower” and “apple,” and also added “cake,” “chicken” and “story” to his repertoire.

What makes it even more precious is that Norton loves those books, and when he’s ready to read, he’ll climb up on the couch beside me (often while I’m feeding Eudora) and then say “Pah”… which is his pronunciation of “Spot.”  Those books are our special snuggle time books, and stay in the living room so that they don’t become destroyed like the board books in his room.

Now not only do I get snuggle time, Norton gets to practice new words to get past his toddler language delay and hopefully develop a lifelong love for reading.  It’s a toddler activity that I’m more than happy to do… even though we sometimes end up reading the same two pages over and over again.  But, hey, that’s part of toddler parenting, right?

What are your toddler’s favorites?

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