Toddler Behavior and Getting Over Separation Anxiety

I’m pleased to announce that a troubling toddler behavior that Norton had displayed is done.  He seems to have recovered from the trauma of becoming a big brother.

You see, when Eudora was born, I was in the hospital for several days after having a c-section.  After we got out, the husband and I were sick for days with some kind of stomach thing.  While I was in the hospital and the husband and I were ill, Norton stayed with Grandma and Grumpy.  This, of course, had an impact on his toddler behavior since he’d never been away from us for so long.

The most troubling manifestation of this newly developed toddler separation anxiety was when we’d drop him off for his toddler language delay play group.  The screaming when we’d left him behind was something awful.  I felt horrid when the speech pathologist running the group had to pry him off of me so that I could leave.  I’d hear his screams echoing as I left.

I know that he was okay after I’d left.  That didn’t help me feel any better about leaving, of course.

Now?  It took about a month and a half, but Norton is completely over his bout with toddler separation anxiety.  In fact, when we drop him off at play group, he goes up the stairs to get in as quickly as he can.  He flings open the door and tries to run in before I even take off his shoes.  Frequently, he closes the door in my face like he’s trying to get me to leave faster so the fun can start.

I don’t mind.  Six months ago, I’d have wondered if that was because Norton didn’t care if I was there or if I wasn’t.  Wasn’t he supposed to want me to be around?  And then, of course, after that came the wondering if I’m doing something wrong or what have you.  Now?  I realize that it just means that Norton has no doubts that we’ll be back to get him.  There’s no need to worry about my leaving him at play group when he knows that I’ll be back… and even less cause to worry when he knows that we usually go to the awesome park across town after play group is over.  It’s pretty awesome.  Norton has gotten his confidence back, and I’m becoming a more confident parent after our brief interlude with toddler separation anxiety.

Did your toddler have separation anxiety?  How long did it take for your little one to get over it?

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