Toddler Potty Training – Help Me, Elmo!

It’s time.  I need to get down with toddler potty training.  I’m not 100% sure that Norton is ready for toddler potty training.  I have zero idea of what I’m doing.  What I do know is this: I’m over toddler diaper changes being battles to the death.  I don’t enjoy a little boy that runs and hides to avoid it and doesn’t care how wet or stinky his butt may be.  Anything, to him, is better than suffering the indignity of having his butt hoisted up and getting wiped off with one of those dreadfully ticklish baby wipes.

I know that Norton hates getting his butt changed… and I know that he’s far less violent if I just keep him in Charlie Banana swim diapers (which double as training pants).  He likes his “big boy underwear” (which he calls “be-boy”).  He loves wearing those enough that he’ll pick out a pair… and not kick me in the face when it’s time to put them on.  I also know what he loves best in the world: Elmo.

Norton sporting his “big boy underwear”

One of the co-worker’s husbands told us that his daughter was potty trained by using Elmo’s Potty Time.  She apparently watched it around fifty times, asked for the potty, and then just started to use it.  I’m hoping that it will be that easy for us.  We’ve watched the Elmo’s Potty Time video a few dozen times now.  While I admit that the husband and I were quite disturbed in the beginning by Elmo telling my child that he puts his “poo poo and pee pee right in the toilet,” we sort of got desensitized to it.  If that’s what it takes to get Norton into the idea of toddler potty training, then I’ll take it.  I’m tempted to get the baby Potty Time Elmo stuffy with the potty chair so that Norton can take Elmo potty, too… but the husband feels that we’ve got plenty of Elmo in our house.  Any further Elmo additions to our house would probably be overkill.

Part of the difficulties that we’re having is that Norton generally doesn’t mind being wet.  Or poopy.  What he minds is the changing process, and baby wipes in particular.  And this is even more maddening because he really is showing a lot of the signs of potty training readiness.  (Hiding when he poops his diaper, ability to follow directions, an eagerness for praise, interest in other’s bathroom habits… I haven’t gone to the bathroom alone in about a year and a half now.)  But he’s just not particularly compliant.  And there’s that whole “not caring about the condition of his diaper” thing.

Have you gotten toddler potty training down?  How did you do it?

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