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Yeah, I know, I’m a cloth diaper addict with way too many in her cloth diaper stash.  I’d love to say that it’s not my fault that my cloth diaper stash is so huge.  I mean, it’s hardly my fault that there are so darned many cute diapers out there.  (But, yes, I do readily admit that my lack of self-control is totally my fault.)

I’ve had various favorites in my time using cloth diapers.  I’ve greatly enjoyed my BumGenius 4.0s.  I think the BumGenius Freetime is a pretty awesome progression from the 4.0.  But most recently, I’ve really and truly fallen in love with the Flip diapers.  Flip diapers are made by Cotton Babies, the same company that makes BumGenius and Econobum.  Part of the reason for my newfound appreciation for Flip diapers is Eudora’s nasty infant diaper rash.

Eudora modeling her Flip diaper in the Albert print

The diaper rash cleared up, thanks to a combination of Boudreaux’s Butt Paste and the Flip disposable inserts.

During my time of using the disposable inserts, that was when I realized that I am completely and utterly in love with Flip diapers.  You see, a huge part of the reason that I love cloth diapers is that I think there’s nothing more adorable than coordinating diapers with an outfit.  The problem comes in when a diaper gets dirty long before I’ve dirtied the outfit.  With Flip diapers, instead of buying multiple diapers in the same color, I can just change the insert and keep using the same shell, thus preserving the perfect coordination of an adorable baby in an adorable, perfectly matched outfit.

Flip diapers aren’t the only all-in-two or hybrid diaper out there.  Sure, there are Best Bottoms diapers (which I’ve yet to use, but the Cookie Monster print that’s just been announced has me reconsidering that idea) and GroVia hybrids, but there’s one edge that Flip diapers have over the others: Flip diapers are exactly the same as BumGenius diapers in terms of fastening and fitting.  And BumGenius diapers were my previous favorite before deciding that the sheer convenience and practicality of being able to just swap a shell to preserve the match is a huge (and cheaper) advantage.  I love the way they fit both Norton and Eudora as well as how they fasten.  The colors are just awesome, too.

Even better?  Flip diapers are presently on sale at Cozy Bums, my cloth diaper dealer.  The solid colors are on sale for another couple of weeks at buy two, get one free.  I’m having a hard time not buying more shells, but four are enough.  Unless, of course, I can destash some more of my diapers and justify buying more awesome super cool Flip diapers while they’re still on sale.

Do you have a favorite cloth diaper?  What’s your number one pick?

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