Adventures in Babywearing – Facing in or Out? (Hot Topic Tuesday)

Today my friend Heather at Parenting Patch asked a Hot Topic Tuesday question: do you wear your baby facing in or out?  I’ve been fairly variable with adventures in babywearing.  I’ve done a lot more adventures in babywearing with Eudora than I did with Norton, but that’s generally because Eudora is much clingier than Norton ever was.  My style of babywearing has changed quite a bit with each of my children.

With Andy, I did pretty much zero babywearing.  I had bought a Snugli, but it was just not comfortable for me to use.  I used it mostly when he was super tiny in order to keep random strangers with boundary issues from touching my baby with their germy hands.  My dad sort of used it as a sling because his arms were inclined to just giving out due to diabetic neuropathy.

Wearing Norton in a Snugli at Lake Louise, Alberta

With Norton, my babywearing started to pick up.  We had adventures in babywearing in some interesting places, like Hell’s Gate and Lake Louise.  The husband wore Norton in a Snugli as we toured the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller, Alberta.  In the Snugli, we primarily wore Norton facing out.  At least, we did until I learned that Snugli type carriers were not as good as Ergo carriers or Moby wraps because of the lack of support.  (I’d read the term “crotch danglers” to describe those types of carriers.)

I’d also learned that the outward facing position isn’t good for baby’s back and could cause hip dysplasia.  (Interestingly, I only learned that when I tried to put Norton in a Moby wrap facing outward and he seemed extremely uncomfortable.  He reminded me of a butterfly pinned to a board.  I thought it was because I was too chesty for him to be comfortable in that manner when a friend told me that it’s actually not a recommended method of babywearing.)  With that in mind, Eudora has only ridden facing me.  She doesn’t mind so far, but I suspect a time will come when she’s going to want to face outward and look at the world.  But we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Do you wear your baby?

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