Awesome Toddler App for iPod! (And it’s no charge!)

It’s easy to find a toddler app.  There are about a billion and one of them out there.  The catch is, not every toddler app is a good toddler app.  Some cost money and are lousy.  Others have a lite version to upgrade, etc.  Since Norton is a busy toddler who loves to explore things, I am always on the lookout for a good toddler app for iPhone or iPod.

I have a few criteria: price, educational value, user friendly for a two year old, and not irritating.

For price, I prefer it to be free, and if it’s not free, then at least a lite version that I can try out in order to decide if it’s worth the money.  After our first app being one that cost money and being of zero interest, I’ve had less interest in paying for an app before testing it.  Educational value and user friendly are no brainers.  And it can’t irritate me because then I won’t want to hear him playing it.

Dog matching level options for Catch a Match

Last week, I downloaded Catch a MatchCatch a Match is like the children’s classic game Memory.  In the free download, you get to match various dogs and puppies to each other.  You make the match, the cards clear.  It comes in three levels: easy (with 12 cards/6 pairs of dogs to match), medium (20 cards/10 pairs of dogs to match), and hard (30 cards/15 pairs of dogs to match).

Amazingly enough, Catch a Match fits all of my toddler iPhone app criteria.  The game itself is free, but if you or your child decide you want to match something other than dogs, there are paid “expansion packs” that you can get for a couple of bucks.  Options include matching letters and numbers, matching presidents, and a few other matching decks.

Playing Catch a Match memory matching game on easy

In terms of educational value, it’s just like the Memory games that we used to play.  It’s meant to essentially help with short term memory.  Some of the dogs are similar enough that one has to really notice details to match them.  (For instance, there are three husky type dogs that can come up in the same game, and two different rough coated collies.)

It’s definitely user friendly.  After all, all one has to do is tap the card to flip over a puppy.  Norton can handle it with no problem.  Granted, he’s not terribly adept at making the matches since he doesn’t really get the point, but it’s puppies.  He gets to play with my phone and look at lots of puppies.  That’s a pure win.

Not irritating?  I’m ashamed to admit that not only is the game far from irritating, I actually enjoy playing it myself.  This is definitely a game that I’d recommend.

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