Baby Exersaucer FAIL

Norton loved our baby exersaucer.  I got it when he was around three months old… maybe a little bit older than Eudora.  Being the planner that I am, I’d kept our baby exersaucer after Norton outgrew it.  We were going to have another baby at some point, so there was no point in buying the same toys twice.

Well, I finally pulled it out for Eudora.  I figured she was big enough to play with it; she wasn’t too far from Norton’s age when I bought it for him.  After carefully cleaning every nook and cranny of our exersaucer and making sure that every speck of dust was gone, the husband and I were ready to put Eudora in the new toy.

And the irony is, her onesie says “My Daddy makes me smile.”

The husband was skeptical as I put Eudora in the little basket seat; he was certain that she was too small for it.  Her feet couldn’t touch the floor of the baby exersaucer, even on its lowest setting.  If she couldn’t turn, she couldn’t access most of the toys.  I wasn’t convinced.  Norton couldn’t reach everything right away, either, but he still liked it.  I put some receiving blankets behind Eudora’s back so that she could reach the toys circling the seat.  I sat back expectantly, eager to see Eudora reach out and start swatting at toys.  The husband was crouched on the floor, camera at the ready.

At first, she was uncertain.  She looked at all of the bright colors around her… and then drooled.  It could still go either way.  In a flash, the decision was made: her face crumpled and my little girl started wailing.  I couldn’t pull her out of that exersaucer seat fast enough for her taste… and even once she was out, it took some cuddling, talking, and bottle feeding to finally console her.


Our attempt at introducing Eudora to a new baby toy was not the rousing success that I’d anticipated.  If anything, it was a big, fat, fail.

For now, the exersaucer is sitting in the corner of the nursery.  I’ll give it a few weeks, maybe after Eudora finishes her current growth spurt, before I pull it out again.  She’ll like it eventually, right?

I’m hoping so, anyway.

While getting pictures for this blog post together, I went back in my photo archives and found that Norton was exactly four months old when I first put him in the exersaucer.  Eudora was just barely three months.  Oops!  We’ll definitely try again later.

At least Norton enjoyed his exersaucer!


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Suzi is an American ex-pat living in British Columbia. She's a cloth diaper addict, wife, mom of three, and President of the Prince George chapter of Cloth for a Cause.


  1. Hearthstone says:

    We had a similar experience with our Exersaucer. Elder daughter LOVED it, she would spin around and around (and don’t let them kid you, that saucer will walk across the room when your child puts the right spin on it… :)) all day if we let her. Younger daughter…just didn’t get it. She much preferred to be out on her own. Same with the baby swing–it was a lifesaver with elder daughter, younger daughter wasn’t having any of it.

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