Can Your Cloth Diaper Stash Ever Become Too Big?

Can Your Cloth Diaper Stash Ever Become Too Big? (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

This was my diaper stash as of July 2012. I’ve added another couple of dozen since then. :-/

I was reading my friend Heather’s blog over at The Parenting Patch yesterday, and she asked the question that all new cloth diaper addicts ask: Will your cloth diaper stash ever be big enough?

If you’d asked me two years ago, I’d have told you that your cloth diaper stash can never be too big.  But that was then.

Now?  Oh, yes, not only is my cloth diaper stash big enough, it’s actually a bit too big.  I’ve sold a few diapers and am looking to sell a few more before I become a cloth diaper hoarder.  You see, in spite of my complete and utter awareness that I have more cloth diapers than I need, there are still a couple of cloth diapers that I’d love to add to my stash.  I still look at the Blueberry Butterflies diaper and drool.  I keep hoping that if I get rid of enough, the husband will let me get that diaper without complaint.

I think I have somewhere in the neighborhood of 80 cloth diapers, plus another half dozen Charlie Banana training pants for Norton.  I wash my cloth diaper laundry on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  Sometimes I don’t get around to actually putting away cloth diaper laundry until Friday… and Monday’s and Wednesday’s loads are still down there.  So even with three loads of cloth diapers in the laundry room, I still have enough diapers to function.  Granted, I’m starting to use my last choice diapers by that time, but the thing is: I’m still using cloth diapers even with three full loads downstairs.

It’s ridiculous.  I refer to Cozy Bums, my local cloth diaper store, as my diaper dealer.  I frequently call the owner my enabler, and have joked about starting a Cloth Diapers Anonymous group.  And Kerri at Cozy Bums, being the delightful cloth diaper enabler that she is, has suggested that we have our Cloth Diapers Anonymous meetings at the store.

Granted, part of the reason that my stash is too large is because I wasn’t in love with my Fuzzi Bunz when I first got them, and found that they leaked around Norton’s legs until he was about nine months old.  So I started experimenting with other brands and other types of cloth diapers.  That’s when my cloth diaper addiction developed.

So, yes, it’s entirely possible to have too many cloth diapers.  But even so, that doesn’t mean that a cloth diaper addict will stop wanting.

Are you a cloth diaper addict?

(Edit: This was originally posted on Motherhood Looms before I had Cloth Diaper Addicts for a website.  And, yes, I do have a Cloth Diaper Addicts Anonymous group on Facebook.)

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Suzi is an American ex-pat living in British Columbia. She's a cloth diaper addict, wife, mom of three, and President of the Prince George chapter of Cloth for a Cause.


  1. I do my cloth diaper laundry every other day, but I cannot go as long as you without putting the clean ones away. I guess when I can go almost a week without, then I will know that my stash is TOO big!

  2. Hearthstone says:

    Just curious, do you find that you have different favorites with Eudora than you did with Norton? Different babies having different bottoms and all that! 🙂


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