The Death of an Inspiration – Sally Ride

As a stay at home mom, I’ve often worried about what kind of message I would send my children.  Yes, I’m home with them, and I love being at home with them.  I love having the time with them and never missing milestones.  I get to be there for them, encourage them, and support them.

But it seems almost anti-feminist.  Yes, women can do anything.  I just wonder if I’m denying my children the strong female role model that some of my online friends are for their children.  Doctors, lawyers, dentists, accountants, CFO’s of start up companies…   They can look to their mothers and see what a strong, successful role model is.

And then there’s me.

I decided when I first thought about these things in a stay at home mom vs. working mom debate that I would point to other women as examples of the careers that are in a woman’s grasp.  Since I now have a daughter, this is even more important.  Yes, I’m a traditional stay at home mom and housewife, but that’s because I want to be.  If Eudora wants something different (and if Norton and Andy’s wives want something different), they need to realize that it is possible and it is feasible.

One of my examples of the amazing things women can do passed away yesterday from cancer.

Sally Ride was an inspiration.  She proved that a woman really can reach for the stars by being the first woman in space.  She wasn’t a military member of NASA like Tony of I Dream of Jeannie.  She was a physicist with a Ph.D. from Stanford University.  She started a foundation to help encourage girls’ interests in math and science, two fields traditionally dominated by men.

Although she’s gone, she’s not forgotten.  She was a pioneer in many ways, not the least of which was the example that she provided to girls.  Sally Ride was a real role model.  She was a role model because she managed to accomplish through intelligence, rather than making herself famous with a sex tape or for wearing way too much spray tanner.  When Eudora is at the age where she’ll need those strong role models, I’ll point her in the direction of Sally Ride and other women who were successful through education.

Thank you, Dr. Ride, for being an inspiration to young girls everywhere.  Rest in peace.

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