Toddler Style – Norton Gets Canadian (Thanks, Charlie Banana!)

Everyone who has ever raised a toddler knows that toddler style can be rather… well, random.  Toddler style dictates that something may not need to be in season in order to be a favorite item.  Toddler style also dictates that color coordination is optional.

In the winter time, we tried and tried to get Norton to wear his hat.  It’s a hat with fur on the inside and ear flaps.  The only thing that screams “I am Canadian” more than that hat is a Molson beer commercial.

He wouldn’t wear it.  Refused.  The best that we could do was get him to wear his hood up.

Now that it’s summer, Norton loves that hat.  He frequently runs around the house wearing that winter hat and a diaper (or a pair of Charlie Banana training pants).  That hat alone isn’t the only toddler style choice in Norton’s wardrobe that screams “I am Canadian.”  Charlie Banana came out with a new pattern of cloth diaper and training pants called “Maple,” and it’s only available at certain Canadian cloth diaper dealers.  Cozy Bums, of course, is one of them, so I just had to have it.  (Okay, so we’re still not making any toddler potty training progress, but at least we’re making it look good.)

Fortunately, Norton loves it.  Running around in those training pants with that hat is the most obvious declaration that my not exactly verbose two year old can make that he is, in fact, Canadian.

Happy late Canada day!  Here are some pictures of Norton in his Canadian finery from the weekend.  🙂

Toddler Style – Norton Gets Canadian (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

Norton rocking the hat and Charlie Banana training pants

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Canadian boy!

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