Toddler Talking Catches Up

I remember on the last day of Norton’s play group for toddler language delay, I’d told K (the speech pathologist) that if Norton started combining words, we’d be very nearly caught up in the toddler talking department.

I’m pleased to announce that not only is Norton constantly picking up new words, he’s actually using two words at a time for some things.  His toddler talking still isn’t necessarily understandable except to other parents, but it’s hugely improving and greatly rewarding for all of us.  Here are some examples of Norton’s two word phrases.

Apple oo – Also known as “apple juice.”  When Norton started requesting that, I started giving him some heavily diluted apple juice in his sippy cup.  (I didn’t want to give it straight because, well, that’s a lot of sugar and calories that a two year old really doesn’t need.)  There’s nothing quite so amazing as Norton coming out of his room and requesting “apple oo!”

Bee bo – Toddler talking translation of “big boy underwear.”  That’s what Norton calls his Charlie Banana training pants.  Sometimes he can even keep them dry for a few hours.

Gee cuh – Translation: “green cup.”  I give Norton his breakfast at the table, and pour him a glass of milk in a small, cheap, plastic green cup.  He won’t say “milk” but he’ll request “gee cuh” when he wants more.  Go figure.

Pway gay – Or “play game.”  This is how Norton requests demands requests that I let him play with apps on my iPhone.

Considering that six months ago, Norton was so far behind in his toddler talking that I never thought he’d catch up, this is a huge victory.  I’ll take it, and I’ll celebrate.

Next on the agenda?  Getting Norton to use his words instead of screeching.  I suspect that will probably clear up when he’s older, no matter how many words he develops.

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