How Toddler Tantrums and Other Actions Influence Infant Behavior

If you’ve ever raised a toddler, you’ve dealt with toddler tantrums.  It’s a fact of life, and the best that we can do is hope that we can appropriately deal with toddler tantrums when they happen in public.  What I didn’t expect was how toddler tantrums would impact Eudora.

Apparently, Eudora does not like loud noises.  While Norton could sleep through all manner of dogs barking, kids yelling, and anything else, Eudora is a very light sleeper.  On more than one occasion, Norton has thrown a tantrum that has caused his baby sister to wake up.

And let me tell you, that most certainly does not help my response to these tantrums.

I already find it frustrating when Norton melts down.  There’s this particular pitch of toddler screaming that is a migraine trigger.  (Yay for chronic migraines. :-/)  When Norton has one of those freak outs, Eudora will start wailing uncontrollably.  She already cries enough over things like being put down, having yucky infant reflux, and other normal types of infant behavior.

Interestingly enough, Norton’s tantrum isn’t the only thing that impacts infant behavior in our house.  Norton has yet to notice that he is Eudora’s favorite form of entertainment.  She could watch him jump and run and bounce forever.  Since he’s such a high energy little boy, some days he does.  Judging by the smiles she gives him, you’d think that there’s nothing in the world that’s more amazing than Norton wrestling with T’akaya the Brilliant Border Collie.  Even the husband can’t get her attention when she’s watching Norton jump off the couch.

I’m hoping that this is the beginning of a wonderful close big brother/little sister relationship.  Either that, or that Eudora suddenly becomes a heavier sleeper.  (Or, ideally, both.)

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Suzi is an American ex-pat living in British Columbia. She's a cloth diaper addict, wife, mom of three, and President of the Prince George chapter of Cloth for a Cause.


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