Infant Reflux, Feeding Difficulties, and Finding What Works

For a while now, I’ve had issues with Eudora and infant reflux.  Or, more specifically, Eudora has had issues with infant reflux.  Infant reflux can be frustrating for all parties involved when baby continues to grow along her usual growth curve.

I’ve found that often, as long as a baby is growing properly, doctors are not interested in treating reflux.  To them, it’s not an issue as long as baby is growing properly.  Of course, to the parents who are dealing with an obviously miserable baby crying, screaming, and arching her back during feedings, it’s a very big deal.  It can even impact infant bonding if it’s not taken care of.

For me, I grew concerned about the effect Eudora’s reflux was having on our relationship.  I could cope with the crying.  I would hold her, rock her, burp her, and do my best to make her feel better.  What I could not deal with was the constant baby barf.  It was getting to the point that I didn’t want to hold my daughter because, quite frankly, I didn’t want to be thrown up on.  I was over feeling like I constantly either needed a shower or a rain coat.

After a day where Eudora and I had each had five changes of clothing due to massive quantities of baby barf (and countless burp cloths), I’d had enough.  I took her to the walk-in clinic and demanded that they do something for my daughter.  Part of being a parent is holding your baby, loving her, and caring for her.

I left with a prescription for baby Zantac.

I’d love to say that giving Eudora her twice daily dose of medicine with her first feed of the day and her dinner feed solved all of our problems.  But that would be complete and utter BS.  Eudora was still puking, still screaming, and still miserable.  And so was I.  Miserable, that is.  The fact that the infant diaper rash that I’d worked so hard to clear up with a combination of Flips disposable inserts and Boudreaux’s Butt Paste came back with every bowel movement didn’t help either one of us.  Out of desperation, we even tried starting her on solids.  Well, mashed avocado.  A friend of mine had said that was the only thing that worked with one of her kids.  (It didn’t help and we stopped because we wanted to get her feeding issues resolved before attempting solids on a regular basis.)

We had her on Similac Sensitive (a lactose free formula), as that was what had worked best for her big brothers.  Out of desperation, we tried soy formula.  She spit up less for the first couple of days.  Her dirty diapers started to get less diarrhea like and more… well, like what I remember her brothers’ diapers being.  Her rash started to clear up.  Then she started puking just as much, crying, and was miserable.  Instead of having diarrhea, she was constipated.  The only option that I could think of after this point was Alimentum, the hypoallergenic formula made by the same company that makes Similac.  Every bit of literature that I’d read said not to go this route without speaking to your child’s physician.

We went to our family doctor.

He agreed with the prescription and suggested that we just plain try another brand of formula altogether and then go back to see him in two weeks.  So that day, I went to the store and picked up a canister of Enfamil powder.  It.  Was.  Awful.  Awful.  The first feed went all right, but then it just went to you know where in a hand basket.  She was pulling off and screaming during feeds.  She was puking through two or three burp cloths or receiving blankets per feed.  I had to do my own laundry every day because I was running out of clothes.  After two days, I’d already decided that this crap just was not going to fly.  There was no way I was going to do this to my daughter for a whole two weeks.

To be continued


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