July US & Canada Child Consumer Product Safety Recall Round Up

Every month, things are recalled by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission.  Frequently, if the item is sold north of the border, Health Canada either issues a similar or joint recall, or at least puts out an alert.  I’m actually sometimes amazed at the frequency or quantity of children’s items that end up with consumer product safety recall announcements.  It seems like the only time we hear about them are when they are huge, like the Storkcraft recall a couple of years ago.  Here are the children’s consumer product safety recall items for the month of July, complete with links to the Consumer Product Safety Commission and Health Canada when applicable.

Alex ® Model 786X Little Jumpers Trampoline – Recalled on July 18 because the handlebar can break.  No injuries reported.  See the US product safety recall alert.  This product was recalled by Health Canada on August 1.

Avigo Fire Rescue Hero’s Trike with Helmet and You and Me Trike with Helmet – Recalled on July 13 by Health Canada due to seat welds failing while a child is riding.

Chicco Polly Kids high chair­ – High chair was recalled on July 12 due to lacerations.  Children have fallen and cut or bruised themselves on the pegs.  The recalled model was manufactured prior to October 13, 2010.  Joint product safety recall with the USCPSC and Health Canada.

Discovery Kids lamps ­– Recalled on July 3 due to fires and burns.  Sold from June 2010 to March 2012.  See the US product safety recall alert.

Downeast Concepts Children’s Folding Beach Chairs – On July 19, this product was recalled due to laceration hazards.  Only one injury reported, requiring stitches.  See the US product safety recall alert.

Flexible-Flyer Fun Time Gym Set with See Saw attachment – Recalled by the USCPSC and Health Canada on July 11.  The see saw seats can break, causing a fall hazard.

Green Toys Mini Vehicles – Recalled by USCPSC on July 31 and Health Canada on July 13.  The hubcaps can come off, which is a choking hazard.

Kenta Child Carriers – Jointly recalled by USCPSC and Health Canada on July 31.  The seam on the side strap can split, presenting a fall hazard.

Kolcraft Contours Options LT Tandem Strollers – Recalled on July 24 by USCPSC.  The front wheel assembly can break, causing a fall hazard.  Models manufactured and January and February 2012 can have nuts come off of the storage basket, which is a choking hazard.  See details.

Old Navy toddler girl Aqua Socks – Recalled on July 12 due to slip and fall hazards.  Joint product safety recall with the USCPSC and Health Canada.

Peg Perego Pliko 3 and Venizio strollers – Recalled due to strangulation and entrapment risk.  Effected models were manufactured between January 2004 and September 2007.  USCPSC recalled on July 24 and Health Canada recalled on July 30.

Youth Texas Orange T-shirt with “John Deere” Logo­ – Recalled by Health Canada on July 24 due to excessive lead in the paint on the shirt logo.

Do you have any of these products?  If so, check with your respective country’s consumer protection site so that you can handle it correctly.  Let us know how it goes!

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